Scent for Your Safety Behind the Wheel

Ever get frustrated in 5:00 traffic? The mix of horns, radio
chatter and sun setting in your eyes can be a sensory overload that all lead to
a dangerous condition: road rage. But what if there were a way to deter the
anger? To stop seeing red and simply take deep breaths. While playing a
relaxing playlist can help calm you, let’s delve a little deeper. The power of
scent can be utilized to keep road rage and other stressors at bay. By simply
hanging an air freshener coated with a soothing oil such as chamomile, vanilla,
or lavender, you can let go of the traffic anxiety and simply relax and enjoy
your traffic time as “me time.” You’d be surprised at the power of scent—aside
from affecting your current mood and surroundings, it actually helps you to
project a more positive attitude among your peers.


The power of scent is stronger than many of us realize—but
imagining a batch of just baked cookies or fresh cut flowers and it’s easier to
understand how positive scents can lift our moods. Scented air fresheners coated in
chamomile, lavender and vanilla can deter crankiness and provide an overall
calming effect. Save your sanity and invest a few dollars in new air fresheners
for your automobile today!



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Who makes air fresheners

Welcome to the My Air Freshener Blog.

Today, I’d like to talk about who makes a custom air
freshener, and why?

Well, we know that businesses large and small give them to
customers and use them for advertising. Schools use them for fundraising and sell in their school stores.  Charities and churches use them in fundraising and increasing awareness.  But, it’s the individual buyer that has amazed us with their creativity in art and design as
well as inspiring uses for their air fresheners.

  • We’ve had a model that posed in a bikini on a pink motorcycle.  We’re guessing guys loved receiving those!
  • A high school basketball player used a photo of his winning shot on air fresheners and sent them to scouts.
  • A girl left an air freshener with her photo at every job interview. She contacted us to say thanks, because she got the job.  The interviewer said it showed ingenuity, and that’s what he was looking for.
  • A guy proposed to his girlfriend on an air freshener.  He hung it in his car, and
    waited for her to see it.
  • A lady ordered them with pictures of her grandkids so her passengers could see how cute they were without her pulling out the photo album.
  • A man getting a divorce designed his air
    freshener with his wife’s photo with a big red X through it.  He said it improved his mood every morning when he got in the car to go to work.
  • There was a lady who made an air freshener that said, “My Dog is cuter than your Dog.” We’re guessing friendly neighborhood competition!
  • Some of our favorites are the air fresheners parents make of their children’s art. We get to see some budding Picassos.

We love what we do, and we love our customers.  Thanks for visiting.


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Personalized Air Fresheners Make the Perfect Gift

Stumped on what to get a loved one? Why not give them something fun, personal and practical? Personalized air fresheners are a unique gift that are sure to make the recipient smile. Upload pictures of your friends, family or favorite places and enjoy the scenery hanging from the rearview mirror.

Currently, we’ve also got specials on pre-made air fresheners with important caveats such as “No Texting While Driving” and discouraging drinking and driving. Send a special (and serious) message to those you care about the most! While the holiday season is behind us, personalized air fresheners can make a great gift idea for other holidays, as giveaways for your business, or just as a token of consideration. Browse our inventory or upload your own photos today!

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Welcome to My Air Freshener

I don’t know about you, but I enjoy making a statement and standing out from the crowd.  I started with something as simple, as memorable and as great smelling as an air freshener.  It was the beginning of a new career and a love affair with whimsy.  Funny how one step leads to another.

We make air fresheners for people who have something to say and want to express themselves with a clever custom air freshener they design, or from our talented contributing artists, our green line or from a retail line with a variety of styles.

Check out our current special honoring the U.S. Navy Seals:

I’ll try to keep you updated on what we’re up to and what’s new, and I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

Until next time,
Johnny Wilde

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