Custom Car Air Fresheners

Car Air Fresheners

The concept of an air freshener began as a way to mask unpleasant odors long before the car was invented.  We can certainly understand why horse drawn carriages needed something to help with the smell.  Fortunately, automobiles, trucks and other vehicles came along to make travel more enjoyable, however the problem remained with different but still disagreeable odors. 

Along came the paper car air freshener which was a popular substrate for keeping the fragrance viable for a longer period.  With that, the evolution of an endless array of not-so-exciting air fresheners began filling the shelves of gas stations, grocery stores and dozens of other establishments.

However, now there is a higher quality, more colorful and better smelling approach to car air fresheners.  My Air Freshener understands the desire most of us share for a product that that fits our mood and style.  It’s such a small thing, but the air freshener you hang says a lot about you. 

Custom Air Fresheners

My Air Freshener, Inc. was born out of frustration derived from the thought that there had to be something more exciting for those of us who wanted more than the insipid, artless products that saturated the air freshener market.  We had a better idea and a mission to offer a high-quality air freshener with cool designs and give customers an opportunity to create custom air fresheners to express their unique style for their cars, trucks, dorm rooms and the thousands of other places people hang air fresheners.  In addition, we would offer a variety of fabulous fragrances and essential oils from which to choose.

Consequently, over 10 years ago, our ideas for an innovative new type of air freshener became a reality and My Air Freshener, Inc. was created.  We print in full color, and we make beautiful air fresheners with photos, company logos, and specialized text.  Our customers can create their own amazing designs for personal or business use that represent their style.  Customers can choose their favorite fragrance to make a truly unique and personalized statement. 

My Air Freshener, Inc. produces high quality products at great prices.  You may find cheap imitations, but you will not find a better product, better value or better customer service.  There is rarely a day that we don’t receive heart-warming words of appreciation from our loyal customers around the block and around the world.    

Once you’ve explored the great possibilities of our easy-to-use website, you’ll never choose the mundane again.  Why not create a custom air freshener today!