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Dec 29, 2022

10 Powerful and Effective Marketing Strategies to Ace Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sales

A silver lining in the pandemic for businesses was the spurt in e-commerce orders. This has led to the expectations that this year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales would be substantial. You need to be geared up to maximize sales if you run an online business. We give you ten powerful marketing strategies to help you ace this year’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales. 

1. Understand Your Customer Persona 

You need to understand more about your customers well before the sale starts. This will help you prepare well and target your customers better. The competition will be intense this season, and you need to be proactive if you want to succeed. 

Understanding your customer persona using the data you have will help you anticipate their needs. You can then be ready with the products that are in demand. You can also identify a niche area and focus on it. 


2. Start the Campaign Early 

Don’t wait until the last minute to start your campaign. Instead, start the marketing campaign well in advance; you can begin by the end of October. First, prepare a campaign plan and prepare the material for the campaign. Then, start advertising online, so your potential customers know what you are offering this season. 

Keep sending updates to your customers using different strategies. For example, along with the campaign, ensure your online store is ready with details of new products. 


3. Create a converting Landing Page 

You need a landing page for your Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. The landing page should highlight what you have to offer to customers. In addition, you need to ensure you focus on what is unique in your website. 

Ensure the discounts offered and any promo codes are displayed. You can have a countdown indicating when the sale will start. Ensure you use the effective call to action on the page. 


4. Engage Social Media Followers 

Don’t forget to advertise extensively on social media. Ensure you run your campaign on all the top social media platforms. When you post on social media, ensure you engage with your followers. 

Converse with them and react as well as reply to their likes, shares, and comments. You must ensure you answer their questions and give them the information they want. Be proactive on social media, as this is where you can find most of your target audience. 


5. Create Irresistible Deals with Custom Air Fresheners 

A reason for the success of Black Friday and Cyber Monday is the irresistible deals on offer. You can add a silver lining to the deal by offering custom air fresheners. You can order custom car air fresheners from and give them free with the product they buy. Customers would use a custom air freshener at all times in their cars. 

You can print your brand name, logo, and marketing message on the custom air freshener. This will give your brand greater visibility. It is a great marketing strategy that would work beyond the Black Friday season and offer results for a longer time. 


6. Use Email Marketing 

Don’t miss out on using email marketing for your campaign. People underuse email marketing, but it can give you great results. Create emails with striking headlines and attractive graphics that list your special deals. Send emails as soon as you start the campaign. 

Keep sending updates so customers are reminded about the offers. Your emailer must come straight to the point with details of the deals. Keeping the email short and precise with a compelling call to action will help you get great results. 


7. Target Multi-Sales with Upselling, Cross-Selling, And Bundling 

This Black Friday and Cyber Friday is an excellent occasions for multi-sales. Use this opportunity to cross-sell related products. Update your algorithm, so all relevant products are displayed. You can also look to upsell by suggesting other products on offer. Try to present add-ons that can boost your revenue. 

Another powerful strategy is to offer product bundles. Choose a not-so-fast-moving product along with a popular product and package it in an attractively priced bundle. This will help you boost sales of products that don’t move well. 


8. Offer Limited Discounts 

The sale season is all about offers and discounts. Of course, you need to provide attractive discounts, but it is vital that you create urgency. Customers may wait until the last minute to buy, which is why you should have limited offers in place. 

The limited offer should be attractive and be valid for a short duration. This will allow you to get better conversions. In addition, last-minute offers to beat the clock before Cyber Monday closes are another great way to boost sales. 


9. Offer an Interactive Experience 

Apart from the deals, give customers an added incentive to visit your website. The best way is to provide them with an interactive experience that is engaging and attractive. For example, you can offer a sweepstakes contest or a spin-the-wheel contest. This would bring in customers who would find such experiences interesting. 

Apart from financial promotions, offer entertaining content for customers. Use memes and other media to ensure your customers spend more time on your website. 


10. Send Cart Abandonment Emails 

Nearly 80% of orders are abandoned without making a purchase. This is a significant number, and you need to try and get some conversions from abandoned shopping carts. Send emails to customers who have abandoned shopping carts. You can provide attractive offers to compel them to buy. 

The email marketing strategy can be beneficial in improving numbers. It is a great way to bring back customers to your e-commerce portal and get sales.  

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