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They’ve got the bumper stickers, now give them what they really want – custom air fresheners of their favorite team!

Imagine thousands, maybe millions of great air fresheners hanging in cars throughout the city and across the country displaying your team logo to mark an event. The view in traffic would be a sea of logos and team players – small billboards marking the occasion, all dangling from rear-view mirrors. It makes one smile!

People like to keep tokens and souvenirs of major events, and long after the scent has faded, they’ll keep this special memento hanging around. Who among us hasn’t kept game and theater tickets or posters tucked away to bring back the memories of that event? Having a favorite team or rock band’s logo hanging in the car for all to see is the goal of loyal fans and a fun way to show their support.

Marketing and promotional departments rate air fresheners at the top of their lists for building awareness, customer’s positive feedback, ease of ordering, great pricing, and management. Easy is what ordering from is all about. You may choose to use our Design Center on our website or prefer to contact our in-house art department to assist you in creating a design. Our service doesn’t stop there. Once an order is completed, we have can drop ship directly to a distributor if required. Distributing your air fresheners doesn’t get any easier. Hand them out to the fans at the event. Mail them with flyers or tickets. Have local companies support the team and hand them out. For example, a chain of local car wash facilities or gas stations could hand out the promotional items to their customers, especially something as highly desired as your air fresheners.

If you would like to treat your custom air fresheners as a retail line to sell for profit, it’s so easy to set up and include with other merchandise being sold in the event stores or kiosks.Internet and website sales are also very popular and can be promoted and sold through the team or groups website and social media channels. They are an excellent item for fan club merchandising and the profit margins can be very rewarding.

It’s an effortless way to get support from one or multiple sponsors whose logos can be printed on one side of the freshener and your team logo or photo on the other. Sponsors may want to purchase the freshener or contribute to the cost to have their logo included in the design. It helps to cover a portion or all of the products cost.For example, if you order 10000 fresheners and have 10 sponsors who each donate $.10 per air freshener to have their logo printed on the back side of the product you are receiving $1.00 per air freshener which is approximately twice the cost of the product at that volume. Many of the sponsors for the major sport teams will cover the entire cost of the product so that they can have the entire back side of the freshener for their logo. That will put their logo and message along with team’s mascot in 10,000 vehicles and on the road for all to see and know that they support and are a fan.

If you have any questions or need assistance creating custom air fresheners for your team or group just let us know and we will help.

A selection of Air Fresheners Designed by Our Customers

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Frequently Asked Questions

Our Little League wants to sell custom air fresheners with the team’s group picture on it. Is that possible?

We make air fresheners with pictures on them every day.

Our city’s bicentennial is coming up. We’d like to make custom fresheners with the smell of pine since we’re in pine country. Do you have a pine scent that smells like Christmas?

Yes, we have a great-smelling pine fragrance that people order year-round.

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Step away from the ordinary and create your own personalized car air fresheners. Make air fresheners with family and school photos, for business promotions and special events in our easy-to-use Design Center or select exclusive designs from our Retail, Green, and Artist Series.

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What our Customers say About us

Ordered a couple customized air fresheners with personal photos and received them in a timely fashion. Was a bit skeptical but they look awesome! Recommending to all of my friends!

Queens, NY,United States

I have placed so many orders with MyAirfreshener that honestly i have forgotten how many times i have placed an order. Customer Service is a A+ I will continue to do business with you guys forever and always!

Miami, FL,United States

Just received my personalized company air fresheners today. They are AMAZING!! Thanks so much. I was really surprised at how fast I got them even with the stop at Canadian customs. I will be back to order more for sure. -DC Car Audio

Julie Quesnel

Ordered from the UK and was delivered to my house in 9 days. Great quality design and scent, fast and reliable customer service, would definitely buy from here again.

Liverpool,United States

They turned out perfect!! My husband was crying because laughing so hard. He posted it on social media, and a lot of people asked about them. It smells great (linen). Thanks again for a great product!!

WA,United States

Where have you been all my life. I can't believe I've wasted so much money on other promotional items when I could have been using these great air fresheners! These little gems have made our trade show booth the busiest in the convention...and the most fruitful. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!

Susan M.
NY, NY,United States
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