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Kindness makes the world a better place. Religious institutions and charities ease suffering and provide aid to those in distress. These acts of kindness don’t come without costs. Fund raisers are important to draw attention to the need and to keep their many programs operational. Custom air fresheners tie in perfectly with fund raising and provide great advertising to put a spotlight on an organization’s message and cause. They are also a vehicle to express gratitude to those who give and support your fund raising goals. What’s more, they spread awareness to others about your work.

One of the most successful ways to promote your cause and raise money is to sell air fresheners. People want to help and enjoy showing they’ve supported a worthy cause. Your freshener hanging on a rear-view mirror does just that and provides positive reinforcement for all concerned.For a different take, consider that many of our customers do not sell their fresheners but use them instead as a free token of appreciate and gratitude to those who contribute to their cause. Either way, it’s definitely a win for all concerned. You raise money, and your supporters receive something they’ll enjoy and use.

Our pricing allows you to make outstanding profits and have a successful fund raiser at a reasonable price. Our wholesale Air Fresheners pricing affords the opportunity to earn profits of 200% to 1000% margins. For example, if you order 5000 units on one of our standard shapes your price is $.50/unit. And then, if you sell your freshener for $5.00/unit, that is a 1000% markup. If you choose to sell them for $1.50/unit, you will have a 200% markup. In many cases, that price is cheaper or close to the price of a boring, everyday air freshener at your local gas station.What would your supporters rather have?

Car air fresheners are something that people love to use. And, when it’s customized with your message, it automatically creates awareness. Churches love our fresheners and use them for new member kits, special events, holidays, fund raisers, giveaways for members and the community and as an item for sell in their bookstores. They are perfect for a church’s name, a passage or scripture, to convey messages to members, list service hours and location information, and inform about upcoming event and programs. We have worked with religious organizations sand charities that have created a special message and design to share with all their affiliates. We make the continuity of a message easy. The facilities order together to take advantage of better pricing for volume purchasing. We will ship direct to one distribution location or drop ship to each individual location.

We work with organizations large and small and those that support a multitude of causes ranging from support groups to animal rights to diseases to first responders and so many more. Call us to see how we can assist you in serving your community, your country, and the world.

To share your message, call us or click here to check out our design center and create your truly unique air fresheners today.

A selection of Air Fresheners Designed by Our Customers

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My Air Freshener Design Center

Express your style! Create your own unique air fresheners. Upload your art or photos.

Or, select from our design tools, which include clipart, colors, fonts, borders and more. Create your custom air freshener today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

We are a small church and want to raise money for a family in need. We’re having a bake sale and wanted to have air fresheners in the shape of a cake to sell along with the real cakes. Do you have something like that?

We can print a picture of a cake on any of our standard shapes, or you can special order something more unique if you prefer.

Our annual charity auction is coming up in a few months and we wanted to mail custom air fresheners with a save-the-date art on them as a reminder to our patrons. Has anyone ever done this?

Yes, we have customers who send fresheners as reminders, decorations and so much more. Who can forget when they’ve got a wonderful fragrance reminding them?

Personalized Air Fresheners-Create your own Designs

Step away from the ordinary and create your own personalized car air fresheners. Make air fresheners with family and school photos, for business promotions and special events in our easy-to-use Design Center or select exclusive designs from our Retail, Green, and Artist Series.

make your own Air freshener with Logo, Pictures

Design Center

Make your own air freshener here with your logo, pictures & more.

Design Center
Artist series Air Fresheners

Artist Series

Select air fresheners designed by famous contemporary artists.

Artist Series
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Retail Store

Choose from hundreds of fun and fabulous car air fresheners. There is something for everyone!.

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What our Customers say About us

Ordered a couple customized air fresheners with personal photos and received them in a timely fashion. Was a bit skeptical but they look awesome! Recommending to all of my friends!

Queens, NY,United States

I have placed so many orders with MyAirfreshener that honestly i have forgotten how many times i have placed an order. Customer Service is a A+ I will continue to do business with you guys forever and always!

Miami, FL,United States

Just received my personalized company air fresheners today. They are AMAZING!! Thanks so much. I was really surprised at how fast I got them even with the stop at Canadian customs. I will be back to order more for sure. -DC Car Audio

Julie Quesnel

Ordered from the UK and was delivered to my house in 9 days. Great quality design and scent, fast and reliable customer service, would definitely buy from here again.

Liverpool,United States

They turned out perfect!! My husband was crying because laughing so hard. He posted it on social media, and a lot of people asked about them. It smells great (linen). Thanks again for a great product!!

WA,United States

Where have you been all my life. I can't believe I've wasted so much money on other promotional items when I could have been using these great air fresheners! These little gems have made our trade show booth the busiest in the convention...and the most fruitful. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!

Susan M.
NY, NY,United States
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