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Give Them A Great-Smelling Hanging Air Freshener with Your Company Logo.

Once Henry Ford began mass production of cars, life changed as we knew it. Over the years the car ranks in 3rd place as to where you spend the most of your time. It’s a place that you don’t want smelling like last week’s chili dogs, stale French fries, or your sweaty buddy you gave a lift home from the gym. You want your car to have a pleasant aroma not only for you but for your passengers too.

At My Air Freshener, we specialize in making hanging car air fresheners to make your car smell great. Not only can we make it smell better, we let you design something you actually would enjoy hanging to show your friends. Whether it’s something funny to make you laugh, a special picture that brings a smile, or a message you want to communicate, we can make it for you. Look at it like accessories for your car, you don’t just want a boring freshener that says nothing about you or your company. Whether you are an individual or a business, you want to stand out from the crowd and want a design cool enough to enjoy long after the scent is gone. Our customers have told us that they’ve seen customers driving about town with an air freshener from the previous year’s promotion. That’s a great design that adds up to a lot of advertising.

Business’ large and small are a perfect fit for using fresheners with their logo and contact details so customers always see their name and have the businesses details right in front of them. Business can also use them for their own fleets of vehicles or employed drivers. It still keeps their logo on the road and a message or safety point in front of the driver. We also work with thousands of business and individuals who supply distributors and retail outlets with their own line of air fresheners. Whether its incorporated with a current line that you have such as a candle or perfume line and is just an new extension for your product or a new concept that introduces a themed line of paper hanging air fresheners to a niche market, we can make it for you.

We have a great line of fragrances to help freshen your customers’, employees, or company vehicles. We also offer full color printing with the ability to print photos, logos, and text with the option to print a different layout on each side of the freshener. Custom scents are also an option and even if you have your own oils we can use them as well, so that you have the exact scent you use for your other products on your air fresheners. Custom shapes are also available. We proudly manufacture all of our product in the USA and are certain that we can assist you with developing air fresheners that will keep your design on the road for all to see.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do we send you our design for our air freshener?

You may either upload your design to our Design Center where you can process your entire order, or if you need assistance, you may email it to our art department at [email protected].

Do we print in full color?

YES, we print pictures and full color logos on our air fresheners.

Can front and back be different designs?

YES, so you can put your logo on one side and on the other, add contact details, list of services, special offers or a simple, “Thank you for your Business!”

How long does an order take to process?

That depends on the quantity you order or a specially blended fragrance. Most orders ship within 2 weeks, but production can fluctuate. If you need something by a specific date, let us know, and we tell you if we can fulfill your request.

Can you add our logo and a phone number?

Absolutely. Choose a shape that provides the best space for the information you wish to convey. Consider adding your address, hours, social media handles, services and special offers

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