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Create a Retail Line of Air Fresheners for a market you know and service.

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Commercial retail Air Fresheners for Businesses

Use Unique Designs to Increase Sales and Develop your Customer Base.

Tired of the Retail Car Air Fresheners designs you see every day? Do you have a great design idea you think could sell well? Whether you are a large corporation, mom and pop shop, or an individual artist, we make it easy to create a line of custom car air fresheners.

Whether it’s your business logo or an artsy design that people would enjoy, we can help with that. Consider using a distinctive shape or a special fragrance, to create a line of unique fresheners.

We require no minimums, so visit our Design Center to make a single sample or a handful to share with your sales force distributors, create sales sheets, marketing material, and social media images. If customers and friends like what they see, you could be on your way to a successful retail line of air fresheners. Many of our customers make multiple designs and prepare order sheets to present at industry specific tradeshows.

Consider the novel approach of displaying a variety of designs for tradeshows so that companies can see how their logo could be used in a variety of ways. A stylish freshener presents a cohesive look for the company yet offers their satellite stores and franchises the opportunity to put the focus on their locations and customers. These air fresheners offer the option as a new retail item or a sales tool for with detailed information useful to customers such as address, phone numbers, hours of operation, and specialized services.

Increase profits with a great retail line of air fresheners for new customers and long-time patrons. Sell them in your stores, online, on your website, or social media outlets so you are selling directly to the end user. Another option would be to sell your product directly to retail outlets, car washes, gas stations and other markets that sell air fresheners. In addition, there are options and opportunities to place your line with distributors who service particular industries you may be trying to enter.

Nobody knows your customers like you do. Design personalized fresheners to your target market with sleek and sophisticated, baubles and bangles, or playful designs. Test the waters with a great line or two of air fresheners specialized to your business and customers and enjoy the benefits.

If you’re an individual with a terrific design, contact your local schools, churches, sport teams, and charities who might like to participate in selling your product. It can be a successful combination with everyone benefiting.

Not only can we get small businesses and individuals started, we also work with major corporations and process large orders and including the use of special barcode and pack out requirements that most retailers require.

Let us know how we can help you get started with your own retail line of air fresheners.

A selection of Air Fresheners Designed by Our Customers

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My Air Freshener Design Center

Express your style! Create your own unique air fresheners. Upload your art or photos.

Or, select from our design tools, which include clipart, colors, fonts, borders and more. Create your custom air freshener today!

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can we create our own shape?

Yes, just send us your desired shape with detailed dimensions and we’ll lay it up and send it back for your approval.

What is the cost?

A one-time fee for a standard new die is $295.00. Other factors add to the cost when the design is complicated or oversized. We’ll be happy to give you an estimate.

Can we create our own fragrance?

Yes, we can have a unique fragrance compounded just for you. Call us to learn the details of how to proceed and the estimated costs.

Can we put header cards on the air fresheners?

Yes, our great prices listed on the Design Center page.

Can you barcode our fresheners?

Yes, we can print you barcode on your header cards or we can add a label with your barcode to each bag. The are fees for the labelling and pricing will depend on your order quantity.

How many different designs can we make?

You can make as many as you want. See the price breaks for bulk orders.

How soon can we get our product?

The length of time involves whether you require a custom die, whether you want a custom fragrance, the number of units in your order, if you need stickers or other specialties, your location, and the shipping carrier you prefer.

Personalized Air Fresheners-Create your own Designs

Step away from the ordinary and create your own personalized car air fresheners. Make air fresheners with family and school photos, for business promotions and special events in our easy-to-use Design Center or select exclusive designs from our Retail, Green, and Artist Series.

make your own Air freshener with Logo, Pictures

Design Center

Make your own air freshener here with your logo, pictures & more.

Design Center
Artist series Air Fresheners

Artist Series

Select air fresheners designed by famous contemporary artists.

Artist Series
Retail store-fun & fabulous Air Fresheners-premade air fresheners

Retail Store

Choose from hundreds of fun and fabulous car air fresheners. There is something for everyone!.

Retail Store
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Beautiful environmentally friendly car air fresheners. Think Green!


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What our Customers say About us

Ordered a couple customized air fresheners with personal photos and received them in a timely fashion. Was a bit skeptical but they look awesome! Recommending to all of my friends!

Queens, NY,United States

I have placed so many orders with MyAirfreshener that honestly i have forgotten how many times i have placed an order. Customer Service is a A+ I will continue to do business with you guys forever and always!

Miami, FL,United States

Just received my personalized company air fresheners today. They are AMAZING!! Thanks so much. I was really surprised at how fast I got them even with the stop at Canadian customs. I will be back to order more for sure. -DC Car Audio

Julie Quesnel

Ordered from the UK and was delivered to my house in 9 days. Great quality design and scent, fast and reliable customer service, would definitely buy from here again.

Liverpool,United States

They turned out perfect!! My husband was crying because laughing so hard. He posted it on social media, and a lot of people asked about them. It smells great (linen). Thanks again for a great product!!

WA,United States

Where have you been all my life. I can't believe I've wasted so much money on other promotional items when I could have been using these great air fresheners! These little gems have made our trade show booth the busiest in the convention...and the most fruitful. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!

Susan M.
NY, NY,United States
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