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Let your customers advertise for you with a promotional product they’ll love.

A personalized logo air freshener and car dealerships go hand in hand. People enjoy a great-smelling car. When a customer leaves your dealership whether they purchase a vehicle or drop by for an oil change or service, why not put an air freshener with your logo front and center. Not only is it a great way to keep your name and message in front of your customer and on the road for all to see. It also may tickle the fancy of potential new customers who’d not thought about your dealership before.

A customized dealership air freshener is a great place to show your logo, slogan, contact details, phone, website, address, hours, or even list the services you offer. How about your information on one side of a freshener and a discount coupon on a future service on one side? It’s a great reminder for customers to know when it’s time to come visit your facility to take advantage of the service and any special being offered.

Consider listing your emergency roadside service on your freshener. With your phone number hanging right in front of them, it’s a great way to assure customers you are only a phone call or text away when faced with a problem. Customers appreciate those small but important things. We have dealership customers who work in conjunction with their local towing company and will add their number on the freshener for the emergency towing so that the customer’s vehicle is towed directly to the dealership. It helps both companies as well as the truly grateful customer.

Consider selling custom car air fresheners with your logo in your parts or service department. Think about it. Customers would truly enjoy the opportunity to purchase a well-designed, great-smelling freshener from your dealership instead of the lackluster retail freshener sold at gas stations.

It’s an item that people use. If you are servicing the auto industry, you’ll see them every day and grasp the significance of the number of users there are out there.Since we print on both sides of our fresheners, you can choose to feature your logo to cover the entire area, of if you prefer, you can place it subtly into a stylish and colorful design. We have had dealerships to add a simple smiley-face in colors that match their logo on one side of the air freshener. It creates a playful message of looking on the bright side of things while still using the reverse side for their dealership details.

We offer a variety of shapes. Many of our dealerships use our car shapes; however, we are happy to produce custom shapes made to your specifications. Consider having a die-cut shape made of your logo or slogan. Check out our design center by clicking here or give us a call to start designing yours today. Keep it simple or jazz it up. You know your customers and what they expect from your dealership, so give it to them and enjoy the positive feedback. That never gets old.

The goal is to give your customers something they use and something they’ll enjoy. If you can do that, they’ll keep coming back for more. Call us and we can tell you more.

Frequently Asked Questions

We have several dealerships. Can we have different designs for each facility?

Yes. We do that for many dealerships and can offer you special group pricing.

Can we list all our locations on the back side of our air fresheners?

Yes, you can. You may also want to consider having a coupon for a percentage off repair work or routine maintenance. The air freshener hanging on the rear-view mirror is a constant reminder.

How can we use our fresheners?

They are a great handout for your customers getting service and those purchasing new and used vehicles, excellent to incorporate with your questionnaires, perfect for mailings and are idea for events.

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