Custom Air Freshener Design Center

Express your style! Create your own unique air fresheners. Upload your art or photos. Or, select from our design tools, which include clipart, colors, fonts, borders and more. Create your custom air freshener today!

If you are having issues with the design center, please contact us at (305)-650-2546

*Basic price is based on standard shape with the same image printed on the front and the back with white elastic and standard fragrances.

Please Read: Our air fresheners are printed on paper which is produced to absorb fragrance. This may create slight inconsistencies in the deposits of inks. Photos and images printed on this surface produce a lower resolution. The design you see on the computer screen represents the art, but does not show how the finished product will look once printed on the air freshener paper. Due to the natural properties of the material and the production process, photo colors and line weight may vary. Slight variations and imperfections in the raw materials may result in possible changes to size, shape, color, marks, etc. These conditions are within acceptable our standards and are not considered flaws. Fragrance affects the color of paper and may alter whites to a buff color. Fragrance longevity varies according to the fragrance and the environment in which the air freshener is placed.

Custom Made Air Fresheners


My Air Freshener makes the finest quality air fresheners in the market.  We developed the first interactive website for our customers to create their own custom air fresheners, and they make fun designs that reflect their styles.

We print in full color, and that means you can design with unlimited colors at no additional cost.  That is great for everything from photos to corporate logos. 

We use the finest raw materials and chose environmentally friendly premium recycled paper to absorb our specialty fragrances and pure essential oils.  Our product comes with the choice of black or white elastic color.  The elastic is a good length and is conveniently attached to the freshener.  In addition, every custom air freshener is individually wrapped in a cellophane bag. 

If you would like to have designs by well-known contemporary artists, we offer those too.  Check out all our extraordinary designer air fresheners.  You can only get these here on our website.

Our prices are great, so don’t wait.  Create an air freshener your way…today!