Custom Air Freshener Design Center

Express your style! Create your own unique air fresheners. Upload your art or photos. Or, select from our design tools, which include clipart, colors, fonts, borders and more. Create your custom air freshener today!

If you are having issues with the design center, please contact us at (305)-650-2546

*Basic price is based on standard shape with the same image printed on the front and the back with white elastic and standard fragrances.

Please Read: Our air fresheners are printed on paper which is produced to absorb fragrance. This may create slight inconsistencies in the deposits of inks. Photos and images printed on this surface produce a lower resolution. The design you see on the computer screen represents the art, but does not show how the finished product will look once printed on the air freshener paper. Due to the natural properties of the material and the production process, photo colors and line weight may vary. Slight variations and imperfections in the raw materials may result in possible changes to size, shape, color, marks, etc. These conditions are within acceptable our standards and are not considered flaws. Fragrance affects the color of paper and may alter whites to a buff color. Fragrance longevity varies according to the fragrance and the environment in which the air freshener is placed.

Who uses Custom Air Fresheners?


The savvy people running massive corporations, mom and pop shops, a multitude of organizations from schools to charities and everything in between, and clever individuals everywhere who won’t settle for ordinary – THAT’S WHO!

Businesses and organizations know the advantages custom air fresheners provide in building awareness and generating loyalty to a brand. Individuals enjoy the creative process of making unique fresheners for their family, friends, and special events. Wedding favors, anyone?

Welcome to the first platform ever devised to create and design custom car air fresheners.Our easy-to-use Design Center launched in 2007 was cutting edge at the time and remains so today., pioneered this unique program for anyone (artist or novice) to design spectacular air fresheners. Whether it is a business line for promotions or retail sales, a giveaway to loyal customers purposes, or an individual who wants to design and show off their style and personality. Just click on our app here and get started.

Is there a Picasso lurking inside you waiting to come out? Whether you promote your business with flair or flaunt your personal style, show us what you’ve got. Our Design Center provides the tools to stretch the imagination. Use them and see where you go! Simply select a shape, add a picture, photo, sketch, or choose from our art, maybe add some text, or contact information, pick one of our fabulous scents and you’re on your way to a great custom air freshener. We print in full color so your design options are unlimited.Why notmake anair freshener now?

Air fresheners with a logo make terrific promotional handouts. Upload your logo and add your store address, phone number, website, slogan or even a discount on a future service. Our Design Center lets you make a different layout for the front and back side, so take advantage of it and tie your air fresheners into your marketing strategy.You can select the price and quantity after creating your design.To check price breakdowns, enter a different quantity to see the price based on volumes.The more you buy the better the pricing.What are you waiting for?

Be one of the savvy people who knows how to make a statement. We made it easy and fun to step away from the ordinary. Visit and make some waves with a custom air freshener.


Common Questions and Answers

What is the maximum size of the image that I can upload?

The largest file size that you can upload is 10 megabytes.  We suggest trying to keep the size of your file the same size as the air freshener shape that you are looking to use while keeping the highest resolution possible to maximize your print quality.

What image file formats do you support in

In the Design Center you can upload jpeg and png file formats.  If you have another file format and need assistance using it for your design please let us know and our art department will be happy to help you.

I added a custom text with creative, how can I increase the font size?

In our design center it is easy to modify your font size.  You simply click on the text and grab one of the four boxes in the corners and drag in or out to decrease or increase the size of the font.  The second method would be to use the Size slide to increase or decrease the font size.  You can even rotate the font by click on the top box and dragging it around.

Can I flip my photos and text together?

Yes, you can flip your photos by clicking on the buttons under the word Flip.  The arrow facing upwards will horizontally flip your design or font and the arrow facing to the left will flip it vertically.  You can also use the Rotate gadget to spin your text or design.

I can see red dotted lines in the design. What will happen to my image if it covered red dotted lines?

No the red dotted lines are just to show you the area where you should keep all your essential design aspects to make sure they will appear on the air freshener, like your text, logo and important part of your photo.  If it is not within this area it could get cut off.  The outside blue area is the bleed which you want to use if you are printing an image that needs to completely cover the whole air freshener and the shaded line in between is the cut line which will give you an idea where your design will be cut.  You can always click on the preview button to see how your design looks.

Is there any minimum quantity I need to order with

No we have no minimums so you can actually customize and order one individual air freshener.  It is simple to do and a great way to create product samples to evaluate the finished fresheners.

What are your approximate shipping Dates? How it is calculated?

Our production times depend on the size of your order.  If you order 100 units or less they usually ship out in 4 to 6 days and if you order 10,000 units and under production time is usually about 2 to 3 weeks.

How to contact MyAirFreshener support?

The best way to reach our support team is to email us at  You can also contact us via phone at 305-650-2546.

Can I get a sample before I order?

Yes, since we have no minimums you can order 1 unit to evaluate how your design prints, how the package looks and how the fragrance smells and preforms. 

How thick is the car air freshener paperboard?

We use a premium paper that measures .085". 

How long does the fragrance last?

The scent has a 1 year shelf life if unopened and properly stored.  Product must be stored in a dry, cool place with no direct sunlight.  Once opened the fragrance can last a couple days to a couple weeks. It depends on the fragrance and the environment where it is hung which determines the rate of evaporation of the oil. 

Can I choose more than one fragrance while ordering?

No not in the design center.  However, if you do require additional fragrances it is something that we can do for an additional price.  Just contact our sales department and we would be happy to give you a price based on your requirements.

I want to order 1000 Custom Air fresheners in one go. Can you offer discounts on unit price?

Yes, our pricing is all quantity driven so the more you order the better the pricing.  You can check the pricing for the design you created by simply entering a different quantity in the Quantity box and pressing enter.  It will calculate the cost on the fly.  Enter 100, 200, 500, 1000 and 2500 to see a couple discounted price tiers.

Do you have a Mobile App? I want to buy it from My Mobile Phone.

Yes, we have the first and only app to allow you to design your air freshener right on your phone.  It is available for both apple and android phone and can be downloaded from the Apple store or Google Play for free.  It is fun and easy to use.