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Everybody wins! Make huge profits on fundraisers and sell school air fresheners in your school’s store.

Show that pride! Design custom school air fresheners with your school name, mascot, team pictures, or game schedules.Students, family and friends will love these great smelling fresheners.Imagine seeing your school’s name and mascot all over town.Local business establishments will want to support your school. Give them a great tool to do just that. Fill those parking lots at home or away games with you school colors and mascot. We’ve heard it creates quite a stir.

Some say competition is innate in human beings. Students want to win and want their teams to reach their goals. Be proud and say it loud with a colorful design. Cheering a school team whether it’s football, basketball, baseball, swim, tennis, golf, soccer, chess, band, debate or the many other activities offered today has a long history. Parents and the community want to support students in their efforts. Give them something besides a bumper sticker to do that.

Add that other layer to the cheers and flag-waving and offer cool school air fresheners to infuse that sweet smell of victory in the air. Sell your customized school air fresheners just like you would any other fundraiser where you have your student body presell them to establish how many you need and then place your order for that quantity. Since we have no minimums this is easy to order one or a few dozen to present to the staff organizers so flyers, order sheets and other marketing material and social media campaigns can be put together.Many schools preorder a specific amount that they know the student body and parents will buy so that they can give the customer the product as soon as they pay for it. All we can say is be prepared to buy more!

They are perfect for students participating in business school clubs like DECA, FBLA, Business Professionals of America and Entrepreneurship Club and other organizations that help high schools introduce its students to the business world.It is a product that can easily be incorporated into any models teaching product development, distribution and sales.

Consider a tie-in with sponsors to help finance product cost and possibly product distribution. Since we print on both sides of our fresheners, we make is easy for local businesses and organizations who what to act as a sponsor for the schools to do so.Have the school mascot and team name printed on one side and use the reverse side to show the logos of the local sponsors who contributed to purchasing the custom fresheners for the school’s fund raiser.In return the sponsors logo finds the perfect marketing place in all the cars sporting the school’s merchandise.

Many schools also order their product with header cards which go stapled to each individual bag air freshener bag.They can be printed with a sponsor’s coupons so those who support the school can take advantage of the business’s special offers. Header cards are great for hanging the air fresheners and even allow for local stores to sell the product at retail levels.

Call and let us know help you develop your school’s next fund raiser.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you duplicate our school’s colors?

We use a Pantone matching system; however, there are variables in how the ink reacts to the freshener paper, so there may be a possibility for a slight variance. Our art department is diligent in matching colors that fall within industry standards. We work hard to match specific colors for our customers.

Can we put our game schedules on an air freshener?

Yes, we do this for a multitude of schools at every grade level from kindergarten field trips to high school soccer matches to university football games, including band, chess, and debate events, and so much more.

Can we sell our school air fresheners to raise money for equipment and school trips?

Yes, school fresheners are a great fundraising tool and can be highly successful. It’s also a terrific way to get the family, friends, and the communities’ involvement in showing their support.

Can you add header cards so we can hang them and sell them in our book stores?

Yes, we offer toppers and full back header cards that make it easy to display your line of air fresheners. This option requires a 1000 piece minimum per design for toppers and 7500 minimum for the full back headers. Both will add an additional $.17/unit to the cost and come stapled to the air freshener bag.

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