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Dec 29, 2022

5 Holiday Marketing Ideas for Car Dealerships

Car dealerships would find the holiday season a great time to sell cars. The holiday season is not just the time for celebrations but is also the time when people splurge. Those who were planning a car purchase would go ahead with their purchase during the holiday season. Car dealers need to be ready with their best offerings.  


Why do car dealerships need solid marketing during the holiday season? 

The holiday season is when families spend time together. They come out in big numbers even for shopping. While shopping for a car, families tend to visit the dealership together. Many people would throng the dealership, and this presents a golden opportunity to sell cars. Car dealers need to be ready with solid marketing ideas to convert prospects. Creative marketing is the need of the hour. Dealers who come out with their best can expect the best results.  


1. Decorate As Early As Possible 

It is important that the dealership highlight the festive occasion by decorating the entire showroom. This makes the place look attractive and can help draw in the crowd. A Christmas tree in the dealership is a good idea that would enhance the festive appearance. Decorate the entire dealership with lights, tinsels, and other decor elements. 

You can do the decoration yourself or hire a decorator to do a professional job. Money spent on decoration would be worth it since it would make your dealership stand out among the competition. Don’t wait until the holidays, decorate early, so you get an edge over others.  


2. Run a Seasonal Sale 

The best promotional activity is a seasonal sale. A special sale where you offer discounts or other incentives is a sure way to pull in the crowd. Once they come in, your sales staff can understand their needs and sell the right car that fits their needs. Customers expect deals during the holiday season, and give them a deal that they will like. 

You can consider running the sale for the entire 12 days of Christmas. You can start with deals for older models before offering deals for the latest and most popular ones. Build up anticipation and excitement with your seasonal sale promotion.  


3. Host Holiday Contests 

Contests are a good idea if you want people to visit your dealership. The secret to increased sales is to first get in customers. Contests are a good way to drive traffic. Create excitement through different types of contests. Make the contests attractive and offer prizes that look good. You can even conduct a raffle with the winner getting an expensive gadget. 

Contests are not only about prizes, it is all about creating hype about your dealership. The more exciting contests you offer, the larger the crowd you can expect. From a poster contest for kids to an automobile quiz, try out different ideas to bring in customers.  


4. Social media promotions 

We live in a digital world where people spend many hours daily on social media. You can find your potential customers on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Don’t miss out on the chance to reach out to your customers on social media. Run campaigns and promotions exclusively on social media. 

Run contests like quizzes, crosswords, etc. Create colorful and attractive images of the contest. If your post is well-designed, it can go viral very fast. This can help you get more engagement. This in turn could translate to increased visitors for your dealership. 


5. Seasonal Giveaways 

Who doesn’t like getting something for free? Giveaways are the best way to attract customers. You need to make the giveaway interesting so it enthuses customers to visit the dealership. Plan the giveaway in line with the holiday season. From gift cards to groceries, you can have different types of giveaways for customers.  

A car air freshener is a good giveaway. It is a product that is used in the car and enhances the experience of the driver and passenger. Giving away an air freshener to everyone who visits your dealership during a seasonal sale is a good idea. It is an innovative idea that would attract customers. The giveaway is useful and will make customers remember you.  


Why consider promotional air fresheners from My Air Freshener? 

Car dealers would find air fresheners an excellent giveaway for promotion. The air freshener they give would be present in the car all the time, emitting a pleasant fragrance. Customers are reminded of the dealer’s brand whenever they smell the scent and see the air freshener. Others who sit in the car also would see this. It ensures brand recall and is the perfect promotional idea. 

If you are looking for promotional air fresheners, then you can work with My Air Freshener. The company is known for offering top-quality air fresheners. The best part of their offering is that they personalize the air freshener. You can get your dealership name, logo, colors, and even a promotional message printed on the air freshener. It is available with different fragrances, and you can even use your own fragrance. This makes the promotional air freshener the best promotional giveaway. 

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