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Dec 29, 2022

7 Personalization Techniques you should Try in Your Retail Store

When a friend or a relative offers you a personalized present for your birthday or anniversary, it makes you feel special. It demonstrates that they know you well and cares about your choices. The same can be said of businesses when it comes to providing customized marketing. With the rise of digital marketing, the phrase "personalization" is frequently used in the marketing world. However, its true meaning can sometimes be lost if you fail to understand what it really means to your customers.

In this article, we'll define personalization and look at some examples of personalization techniques that you can use in your retail store.

What is personalization?

As per the definition by Gartner, Personalization is a process that establishes a relevant, personalized contact between two parties in order to enhance the recipient's experience.

Personalization, in a nutshell, is the process of personalizing the whole experience of a customer. Based on the information a business acquires about its customers from their previous experiences and shopping behaviors, it can find ways to establish more personal connections with the customers.

Retail personalization & Why personalization is important in retail

Retail customization is the process of giving each shopper a personalized journey across all touchpoints and channels. Based on previous purchase data and real-time consumer intent, personalization suggests products to the customers that they are looking for.

Users are more willing to shop with brands that identify, recall, and present them with offers that are relevant to their needs.

According to surveys by Infosys, 86 out of 100 consumers have agreed that personalization has at least some influence on what they buy and which retailers they choose. Personalizing retail shopping results in improved client experiences, higher word-of-mouth marketing, and increased consumer loyalty.

7-Best Personalization Techniques in 2022


Here are the 7 best personalization techniques in 2022 that you can employ in your retail business to drive higher conversions and sales.

1. Establish an omnichannel approach to your data ecosystem

Retailers who have greater control over their entire data environment will be able to exploit data more easily to create more tailored experiences for their customers. Although the in-store buying experience is vital, it is also important to make the connection between what is happening offline and what is happening online.

Consumers today connect with companies across a variety of channels. Sticking to the traditional brick-and-mortar storefronts is just one of many comprehensive experiences.

2. Let customers “build” products

Everywhere customers like to see products that they like. Having thousands of products in the catalog may not help if it does not have what the customers look for. Hence, having a channel where customers suggest their own catalog, can be a game-changer between you and your competitors. Headless eCommerce is one such step.

Headless eCommerce refers to the separation of an eCommerce application's front-end and back-end functions. This design provides organizations with the freedom to construct whatever they want, whenever they want, and anywhere they want other words, flexibility. The kind of adaptability that makes it simple to optimize or upgrade systems, as well as to keep abreast of the most recent technological developments, is desirable.

3. Generating Tailored Coupons Based on Past Purchases

Even though blanketed discounts have their uses and places, when it comes to retail personalization, companies are best served by tailoring these incentives to their customers. Users generally come back to the same brand that offers targeted coupons.

A basic method of personalizing offers is to look back to the consumer data that you currently have on hand. Birthdays can be celebrated, and deals that are currently running in their region can be shared.

Customers' past purchases, event attendance, internet conduct, and other activities can all be used to tailor promotions to their preferences.

4. Segment and analyze your customers

You must identify which products are commonly purchased at the same time. Once your team has such information, they can provide recommendations to customers in-person while they shop or check out. Assuming your POS is linked to your online marketplace, your employees should be able to see full client history across all retail channels for a complete picture.

5. Deliver Personalized Campaigns

Retailers when planning their campaigns should understand a fact that standard common offerings may not be suitable for all. People often love the businesses that offer them something that is unique to them.

It may be personalized emails with offers specific to the customers or making them product recommendations based on their purchase history and preferences.

6. Drive traffic to your store via email and SMS marketing

In-store experiences that are tailored to the customer are made possible by omnichannel marketing. Even if you are not employing advanced digital marketing techniques, you should constantly personalize your communications to the needs of your customers.

It is possible to create segments based on the number of people that attend events, product lines, and any other criteria that are common among your consumer base.

7. Leverage Voice Technologies & AR

Voice technologies also provide a level of personalization that was previously unattainable. You can have a real "voice" connect directly with your consumers and answer their inquiries using smart voice technologies.

People now anticipate that more goods will be interoperable with their preferred voice assistants. You've certainly noticed that there are a lot more "Alexa-compatible" devices on Amazon.

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