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Dec 29, 2022

Top 10 Reasons to Print Your Logo on Promotional Air Fresheners

As an industry leader in the manufacture of custom air fresheners for over twenty-five years, we know a thing or two about how successful companies advertise. Our customer list of thousands of some of the top companies in the United States and around the world is a testament, not only to our quality product, turn-around time, and great customer service, but to the fact that these name-brand companies that we all know and love have had and continue to have highly successful promotions with customizable car air fresheners.
If you have a business, you know the importance of advertising, and you might also know that some advertising tools are better than others. Following are the top ten reasons to consider the advantages of advertising your logo on custom promotional air fresheners.

  • 1. Consumer awareness. Make your logo or brand name legendary. How many times do you use a Kleenex, a Band-Aid, Crock-Pot or enjoyed time in a Jacuzzi or watched a Zamboni on the ice rink? They’re all brand names that have become everyday generic terms. Put your logo on the road and build recognition! Reinforce your company name and your logo on an item that will get noticed by people who might not be considering your product in that moment, but subconsciously, they just might remember it. If you give a thousand air fresheners to customers, suppliers, and people you know, there is the possibility that those air fresheners are going to be hanging in a thousand cars. Not only the people in the car, but dozens and even hundreds more will notice that air freshener at a stoplight, parked at the grocery or in so many other places.
  • 2. Promotional air fresheners are customizable and provide a great opportunity to include not only your logo but important information such as your store locations, phone number, emergency number and website. It’s also a great place to list your services and other handy information for your customers. Make it easy for your customers to see your phone number and order dinner on the way home, call a plumber, call a realtor, or to check your store hours. That information will be hanging right in front of them if you’ve given them your company’s custom air freshener.
  • 3. Make your promotional air freshener truly unique. Regular customers will love a colorful air freshener that smells great, and potential customers might be impressed with your great design and useful information. You may want to consider the added impact of a custom shaped air fresheners. Make your air freshener in the shape of your logo! What customer wouldn’t remember The Lovely Lily Flower Shop who gave them an elegant lily shaped custom air freshener. People talk about the things they enjoy to family and friends. Who knows. Your company air fresheners could be included in those conversations.
  • 4.As a business in your town, you may want to promote your business and support your community with customizable air fresheners. Consider making one side of the air freshener all about your logo and company information, and then on the reverse, show the local high school’s football, baseball, basketball, band, etc., schedules. Or, consider listing your city’s upcoming events for the Fourth of July, Halloween or Christmas activities, Easter Egg Hunts, or list shelters where food and clothing can be donated for people in need.
  • 5.Use your custom air fresheners to promote your daily, weekly, monthly, or yearly specials and print a coupon on it. What about $5.00 off your next oil change if they bring in their air freshener, spa visit, or a discount on new tires or maybe pizza? The possibilities are endless to grab the hearts and minds of customers.
  • 6.Have you added a new item to your inventory or moved to a new location or updated your logo? Advertise a new product, logo, or new location with a great promotional air freshener. Customizable air fresheners can be designed to reflect a different color for each of your locations or even a different color for a certain level of discounts. Or, change the design monthly to encourage customers to come back for the newest look. Foot traffic is always a good thing!
  • 7.Custom car air fresheners with your logo make terrific inserts for mailers. Include them in your advertising or in the envelope with your invoices. Who knows, the air freshener’s sweet smell might take the sting out of that bill!
  • Customizable-car-air-fresheners-fundraising
  • 8.Promote a cause near and dear to your heart. Customizable car air fresheners can offer a wonderful way for your company to help raise money for charities and organizations your business supports. People are always willing to donate to worthy causes and they like the idea of receiving a small token of appreciation for their contributions. It’s a wonderful way to make a difference in the world.
  • 9.Custom car air fresheners with your logo are a terrific promotional tool for tradeshows. Put your business details just like you would on a business card. Your stand will be swamped with people eager for an air freshener, and you’ll be giving them the information they need in one great exchange. Take plenty, because you know people will want more than one – they always do.
  • Promotional tool for tradeshows-custom Air Fresheners
  • 10.And the best reason to print your logo on a custom car air freshener? Well, I’ll tell you the best reason to give your customers and potential customers this fantastic product. You will be offering a promotional item that people want and will use. Most will never see that keychain or pen you gave them last year. Those are now buried in junk drawers and may not rise to the surface for years. But most people will open that air freshener package and hang it in their car or office that same day. People like air fresheners! They want them! And people will use them! So give your customers and potential customers a fun item that will build awareness and promote your business and will be an item they’ll love. So brighten someone’s day with fond memories of your company. You’ll put yourself ahead of the competition and improve your promotional success’ for years to come.  

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