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Dec 29, 2022

Are You an Artist? Join our talented Artist Team and brighten the World with your ART

People love art and admire artistic designs. Businesses all over the world today are getting creative and using art as a means to garner customer attention. This is no different when it comes to the air freshener business. Air fresheners are getting more personalized and unique, and people are even given the opportunity to craft their own imagination to finally create gorgeous masterpieces.

However, artists come with built-in talent and have the ability to impress people with their work.

If you are an artist, have an idea you can communicate with your art and would love to work with a talented and passionate team, we would love to meet you! Join us and design outstanding air fresheners that add to our Artist Series!! Brighten the world with your beautiful art!!

Why is no ordinary. We are a dedicated team that has strived to get where we are today. Having built one of the first interactive websites in the industry, we have taken care to align with customer interests and tastes at every single step. Today, whether it is a photo air freshener, promotional air freshener, or simply a fun piece, we are the go-to place for individuals and businesses. At, people can choose from a range of air freshener series or create their own on our Design Center. This means you have a vast scope and endless opportunities!!

We start each and every day with enthusiasm. We continuously try to come up with more appealing products and make the website even easier to use for our customers and artists. If this interests you, let us know. You may be the right fit and the one we are looking for! Join our team and work alongside famous and modern artists. Give life to your ideas and contribute to creating stunning air freshener pieces.


Here’s something more you should know if you are interested in our company.

At, we have artists whose works are astoundingly brilliant. Our contemporary artists are simply out of the ordinary and have their art displayed at museums and galleries. Their work can even be seen in comic strips, TV cartoons, amusement parks, and movies. We are overwhelmed and proud to have them on board with us.

Here are mentioned some fantastic works of our famous artists:

Agnes Cameron has a unique style. The artist has used oil as a medium to create beautiful designs which include Bird of paradise, Ginger Bouquet, Pelican Pete, Old Round Church, Canso Nova Scotia, and many other works. Each piece is a beauty and has an emotion or deep meaning attached to it. Follow this link to explore more.

Alexis Cortez air fresheners have a humane touch. The artist has created lovely designs such as Orange Isolation, Onward, Think Yellow, Solitude, and Empty Moments. The artist has taken care to create each air freshener design with attention to detail, and all of them mostly appeal to the modern art-loving genre. Click here to check out this artist’s work.

Brett Koth is an awesome artist that has designed some catchy animal-themed air freshener designs. While Marks-A-Lot is striking, Play Like You Mean It air freshener art is high on imagination. Life is short Roll In It is yet another piece designed by thinking out of the box. Just Doo is cute and simple while Have You Mugged Your Cat Today is funny!

Want to take a look at this artist’s works? Click here!

Gary Barker, also an instructor at the famous Ringling College of Art and Design is yet another contemporary artist on our team. While his Scribbles series appears hilarious, the alien-themed air freshener designs are bright, colorful, and sync with the tastes of the younger lot. The Sarcophagus, Graveshift, and Spaz air fresheners are some other catchy works.

Explore more designs created by Gary Barker.

How to join?

Here’s the next step if you have made up your mind to join us. Simply register yourself and wait for us to get back. We will go through your details and reach out to you in the shortest possible time. We respect artists and value their time.

Click here to get started with’s artist registration process.

Fill in all your details such as your first name, last name, email, phone, address, fax, and enter a password. Don’t forget to mention the zip code, state, and the country to which you belong. Check the information before you submit it. If the details are correct and error-free, click the submit button. It is as simple as that.

Have any questions? You can post your query on our Contact

Us page anytime. Our support professionals are committed and will respond to your message quickly. You can also call us for more information.

We are smart and stylish and have been striving every day to improve our service quality. Our excellence has made us stand out, and we expect the same from your end.

If you love art and can create distinctive, exceptional designs, we suggest you register with us right away.

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