• Feb 17, 2021

Smart businesses take advantage of proven marketing techniques to create and maintain brand awareness. After the blow suffered by businesses in the previous year, 2021 is the time for a comeback with hope and positivity. Businesses can bounce back and find new ways to effectively reach out to their consumers. In the throngs of this post economic slowdown and shutdowns, businesses, cannot afford to spend large sums on marketing activities. They’ll need to effectively target their markets. And this is where custom car air fresheners come into play.

If you own a business and are looking for cost-effective ways to garner attention and create a positive impact on your customers this year, use custom car air fresheners as your promotional tool of choice.

Get More Personal and Make Meaningful Connections

Make connections that can help build a network for the benefit of your organization. Word of mouth is always great. Referrals are golden. Get active on social media channels and pitch your company on relevant topics. Once you are assured a certain connection works for you, get more personal. Build partnerships to take your business to the next level.

After building a base, use your inexpensive promotional tool – the custom car air freshener. Create tailored air fresheners with your favorite scent and design along with your company logo and message and give them away to your existing and new connections.

Stage A Few Giveaways in Trade Shows/Events

Tradeshows and industry events are a wonderful platform to showcase your brand. You will get to meet personalities from your industry as well those who are influential in the related sectors. Introduce yourself to these people and let them know about your business. When handing them your business card, don’t forget to attach a custom car air freshener that represents your business. Better yet, put your contact information on your custom air freshener and use that as your business card. These fresheners are inexpensive, lightweight, easy to give away. People love them.

At My Air Freshener, you can create clever custom air fresheners that can make lasting impacts. Frequently update designs and keep customers coming back for more!

Advertise with Custom Air Fresheners

People enjoy unique items and pay attention when they see something extraordinary. So, GET CREATIVE and advertise with style.

Design Personalized Fresheners for Your Target Market.

Many companies have more than one target market, reach each of them with customized car air fresheners by adding personalized messages that align with your target’s tastes and preferences while syncing them with your brand. We make your designing experience easy and rewarding.

Build Awareness

It is easy to create and advertise with custom air fresheners. Start with your logo, contact info and a great design for your air freshener online, select the fragrance and place a bulk order for excellent savings. Order any number of air fresheners you want without hesitation since these fresheners come at a remarkably low price that won’t blow your budget. Build awareness by giving away your custom air fresheners at fairs, shows, community events, and business meetings. They can also be given to your retail store visitors and mailed to your email subscribers.

Keep Your Business Name on The Road

When you use custom car air fresheners to promote your business, your brand will be on the go! You read that right! People who receive your air freshener will hang the product in their vehicles, which means your brand name will be on the road, visible to all those who travel in those vehicles.

Let Your Customers Advertise for You with A Promotional Product They’ll Love

People love fragrances. Giving away custom car air fresheners to your customers will let them do the marketing for you!

Don’t Ignore Traditional Marketing

This is no doubt the digital age. People look up to the internet for everything. However, you should understand certain sections of the population still hang on to the traditional forms of advertising. While ramping up your digital marketing techniques, don’t ignore the traditional forms. TV, Print, mail, and telephone are still here. For such target populations, you can mail customized car air fresheners to their homes to make a lasting impression. This new year reach out to a maximum number of target audiences and try taking your business to a whole new level.

Disruption and Leadership in the Digital Age

Remember, you are operating business in a very competitive world. To stand out and make heads turn your way, you need to build excitement and take the lead. For instance, you can create social media pages for your business and connect with the younger lot. Your promotions, offers, deals, and discounts can be effectively conveyed through these channels. Your promotions can also include online quizzes and competitions, with custom car air fresheners as rewards. Attract, engage and promote!

At My Air Freshener, you can either choose a predesigned air freshener or design your own. Click here to start designing now!

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