Hanging car Air Fresheners - Create Long lasting awareness with these Branded Air Fresheners

  • Dec 26, 2019
Hanging car Air Fresheners - Create Long lasting awareness with these Branded Air Fresheners

The hanging car air fresheners always induce a pleasing fragrance inside your enclosed car space.  To most people, the smell is a memory, a whiff of chocolate chip cookies brings back the memories of your mom baking in her kitchen.  When a warm breeze of fresh flowers blows, your mind momentarily shifts back to your first dance.

Besides their memory inducing powers, scents offer tremendous health benefits for your body.  Fragrance provides relaxation, alleviates stress, sharpens your mind, energizes, elevates mood, eases depression, and mitigates a migraine.

Customized Air Fresheners can work wonders for your business.  As scents create long-lasting memories, the promotional car air fresheners that you offer your customers will create an affinity to your brand and will build customer loyalty.

Benefits of scent marketing for your business

Promotional car air fresheners are a compelling and budget-conscious merchandise idea of branding.  The great advantage of having your very own customized air fresheners is that you can produce them according to your specifications and turn them into unique air fresheners that only you can offer to your customers.  Since our air fresheners are printed on special paper which is made for adsorbing and holding the fragrance effectively you have a nice smelling product for several days.  Customers will actually leave them hanging after the scent is gone, because of the fun design.

Increases brand recognition

Build your brand awareness and customer relations with customized air fresheners.  An insurance agency gifted its customers, promotional hanging car air fresheners as a token of appreciation while mailing their payment receipts.  Not only that, they even gave air fresheners for people who came to their office.  Interestingly, though, many of their customers paid online.  Still, they stopped by to get some promotional car air fresheners.

Heightens value perception

People often perceive a scented space to be of better quality.  The interior of a car or van is a haven for many people.  It's the space they spend most of their time while commuting. Cocooned in a metal casing, listening to their favorite music while inhaling the sweet fragrance of your hanging car air freshener, which will etch your brand and logo in their mind’s eye permanently.

Increases sales

The use of promotional products has been shown to increase sales.  Promotional hanging car air fresheners prompt customers to reach out to you.  When they see your brand on a product that is unique and useful, they will more likely favor your brand than a company that doesn’t use a promotional product.

Promotional hanging car air fresheners

Broaden your reach

The advertising power of customized air fresheners may not be just limited to the customers that receive them.  Whenever the customer uses your products, it enhances the advertising exposure of your brand.  For example, if some friends of your customer like the fragrance of the promotional hanging car air fresheners, they’ll inquire about your brand and reach out to you.

Makes an impression

Pleasant scents help your customers to feel relaxed and have a positive impact on your brand.  After all, people make informed decisions when they are calm and relaxed. According to research studies, people develop positive feelings towards companies after receiving useful promotional products from them.


According to the 2014 Global Advertising Specialties Impressions Study by the Advertising Specialty Institute, promotional products have a lower cost per impression in the US than traditional forms of advertising like magazine ads and television commercials.  Buying wholesale car air fresheners will actually help you save money on your promotional marketing purchases in the long run.  With wholesale pricing, you can buy more fresheners and pay a lower price in the end.

Enhance customer experience

Customers' perception of your brand is gradually built with every interaction they have with your business.  Promotional products are a tangible representation of your brand.  You can create long-lasting awareness of your brand by gifting car air fresheners when you welcome new customers.

Acknowledge the month or day a customer signed up with a small token of appreciation, such as a hanging car air freshener.  Offer freebies on your customer’s birthdays or anniversaries.  When you send a customized air freshener, they'll not only be delighted but will feel special.  Above all, they’ll remember and will fall in love with your brand.

Improve Interior Aesthetics

The scent is an economical way to create a change in ambiance.  Hanging car air fresheners significantly reduces or eliminates malodors creating a pleasing atmosphere inside the car. Your customers will be grateful and will become loyal brand ambassadors of your business, all because of this thoughtful gift of a hanging car air freshener.

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