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Dec 29, 2022

Importance of Custom Shaped Air Fresheners

Businesses can no longer stick to traditional marketing practices.  They need to stand out to promote their brand to increase exposure and reinforce customer loyalty.  While there are several ways to create brand awareness and enhance brand image, a simple and cost-effective way to make a statement and stay in people’s minds is to give away custom shaped air fresheners.  If you are a business owner and interested in creating custom air fresheners for your brand promotion, this page is for you.
These promotional air fresheners can also be used for weddings and special occasions, professional sports teams, universities, charity organizations, and dozens of other reasons.  This article details how customized air fresheners can be used by different organizations for promoting their brands and services.
Here are some businesses that can use customized air fresheners to grow their business:
Car Washes

If you are running a car wash service and want to promote it in order to obtain more customers, create a custom shape air freshener that aligns with your service.  Use a scent that people enjoy, and it will help to identify the pleasant scent with your business.  Order in bulk and gift them to your customers or even sell them as an everyday retail item.  When these fresheners hang around and are visible to the drivers and passengers, obviously, you will be the first one that comes to their mind when they think of getting the next car wash.
Insurance Companies
Using custom shaped air fresheners is a great way of promoting insurance products.  Choose a distinctive shape to make your brand stand out and use one or more fragrances to finally come up with a special air freshener exclusive to your brand.  To make a lasting impact on your customers, mail these custom air fresheners along with the payment receipts or hand them out to customers visiting your facility.
Car Dealers
The automotive industry are highly competitive.  If you are a dealer of any brand or multiple car brands and looking to gain an edge over your competitors, giving potential customers a custom-designed air freshener is a great idea.  They are great as a hand out for your service department, ideal to sell in your parts department and extremely effective on freshening up the used cars on your lot.
Cleaning Companies
If you own a cleaning company and looking for ways to carve a niche for yourself in the market, get creative and use your skills to design a specially shaped air freshener.  You can print your company logo and use your brand message to even make it outstanding and professional.
Marketers consistently try to come up with unique ideas to reach out and build an image with the masses.  Custom air fresheners are a great way to do this.  Times have changed, the preferences and expectations of the people have changed, so should companies and organizations.  Stay ahead of the curve.
Bring life to your imagination and design custom air fresheners to promote your business.  If you don’t possess artistic skills, everything you need to make a great air freshener is only a click away. is a great choice to place a bulk order for custom air fresheners.
Apart from businesses, customized air fresheners can also be used for events and occasions.

  • Custom shaped air fresheners can be used to gift guests at weddings.  Create a romantic-smelling fragrance and design a package that syncs with the wedding theme.  Make it look out of the ordinary to make the wedding memorable.
  • Customized air fresheners can also be used to create awareness about fundraising events.  Use uniquely shaped air fresheners to motivate people to donate funds for a noble cause and show their commitment.
  • Personalized air fresheners are perfect for save the date announcements.  Design a distinctively shaped freshener that ties specifically to the event/occasion theme, order them in bulk and mail them. How could anyone forget your special date!
  • Custom air fresheners also make lovely birth announcements.  Spread the joy by creating amazing air fresheners with a photo of your new baby.  Family and friends will love them.
  • Have a birthday or anniversary party around the corner?  Thinking of a unique way of gifting your guests?  Design a custom air freshener with a special message or photo.  Choose a popular scent and send it to your invited guests.
    If you are looking out for ideas to design a custom air freshener, browse
    Custom Shaped air fresheners for Professional Sports
    Custom shaped air fresheners can be designed and used in countless ways.  Sporting teams can order air fresheners with their logos and schedules so their fans will never miss a game.
    Use one or a couple of scents on a shape that can be identified with the team.  Use a photo of the entire team on one side and the logos of the sponsors on the other side of the air freshener package.  This motivates team members and keeps sponsors happy too.  Best of all, it promotes your team by standing out from the crowd.
    Custom shaped air fresheners for Religious and Charity Organizations
    Religious and charity organizations try to promote their causes in order to obtain donations and funding.  If you are a member associated with any such organization, here’s an inexpensive idea.  Create beautiful, customized air fresheners with an inspirational/devotional message, order it in bulk and gift them to the donors and devotees.  Use the same scent during all your public gatherings and run a one-of-a-kind awareness campaign.
    If you are looking to promote a cause, you can raise money by selling these custom air fresheners.  It can be difficult to convince people to donate but they are more likely to purchase a product that represents a cause.  Don’t forget that you can mail event dates to remind patrons. is an interactive website that enables you to create truly unique customized air fresheners.
    Custom shaped air fresheners for Schools and Universities
    Fragrance can make a striking impact.  Teens and young adults are especially attuned to good-smelling scents and you can make the utmost use of it by creating customized air fresheners for your school or university.  Air fresheners are inexpensive and the process of creating a special one can be exciting.  If you are the creative type, well and good.  However, if you do not possess artistic skills,  you can visit any distinctive online air freshener company such as for ideas.  Creating a custom air freshener on this site is a breeze with a range of scents, designs, and shapes made available.
    Here are some of the ways to use custom shaped air fresheners for Schools and Universities:
    If you are trying to raise funds for a cause or activity, you can create custom shaped and extraordinary looking air fresheners, get it in bulk from a renowned online air freshener company for a wholesale price and sell them to make huge profits.  Since a large number of people are associated with schools and universities, selling them will not be difficult. Moreover, since the product can be hung around effortlessly in any room, car, kitchen, office, or any space for that matter to create a pleasant atmosphere, people do not think twice before buying this product.  Promotional air fresheners can also be used to raise money for equipment, school trips and much more.
    Support School/University teams
    Customized air fresheners can also make magic when it comes to supporting any local school’s baseball, football, basketball, or band teams.  Add pictures of teams and games on your air fresheners and sell them to your teams.  Besides being able to use the scent of your choice, you can design the shape as well, to make it look just the way you want.  If you are searching for such a company online, can be the perfect choice.  They defiantly provide art tools such as shapes, designs, images and elastic color to help you design an exceptional air freshener.  
    If you are looking to gift parents, sports team members, sponsors of sports events and others concerned, you can put your school name, symbol, team, a photo of individual players, and even the game schedules on custom air fresheners.  This is also a kind of motivation for your school team apart from being able to be noticeable in the crowd.  
    Schools and Universities can also use customized air fresheners in the classrooms, libraries, doorways, conference halls and restrooms.  Pleasant smelling aromas with themes or positive messages can create a vibrant atmosphere and boost student concentration.  When ordered in lots, these air fresheners can be astonishingly inexpensive.  Not to mention that they are ideal for bookstores, mailings and alumni.
    Custom shaped air fresheners for start-ups
    Custom shaped promotional air fresheners are an ideal gift option for start-ups looking to spread the word about their business. Since they come at affordable prices, they are perfect for new businesses that have a tight financial budget. Gift customized air fresheners to your potential and existing customers. Print your company logo and tag line on the package to make it effective. These promotional air fresheners can also be used in exhibitions, trade shows and other business events confidently.
    It doesn’t matter whether you are looking to run aggressive marketing or simply want to offer your contact details to be available easily for your target customers, eye-catching and funny custom air fresheners can work wonders.  Since they are easy to store, highly useful and boost the mood, people keep them and many a time, get captivated by the fragrance, and in turn, to your brand.
    T-shirts, pens, books, and chocolates are no more interesting. Switch to aromas and set trends.  Create a style statement by designing a remarkable custom air freshener and promote your brand in a unique way.  Distinctive marketing and promotions make heads turn and your brand is sure to get noticed.  If you want to know how to create customized air fresheners, visit
    Order in bulk and get discounts
    At, we excel in making innovative fragrances.  We make beautiful custom air fresheners for our customers that can be used as promotional tools. One may use their existing art or choose art, styles, shapes, and designs from our site.  For our customer’s convenience, we produce bulk orders and process them on time – all at wholesale prices!  This means a low unit price!
    Get custom shaped air fresheners from at great prices and promote your products, service, event, charity, or organization like no other!  To place your order, Visit our Website.

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