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Dec 29, 2022

Top Ten Long-Lasting Fragrances for Car Air Fresheners

In researching for this blog, at first glance it seemed easy enough to name the top ten long lasting fragrances people choose for their cars.  But it isn’t that simple.

First, a little history.  My research indicates that in the beginning, Pine fragranced car air fresheners ruled the market.  They were strong, almost acidic, but they got job done for truckers who were the majority of users.

Then, along came the tart, but sweeter fragrance of Cherry to take a bite out of pine. These two shared the market for a couple of years before Cinnamon entered the scene.  That homey fragrance of cinnamon got a lot more people interested in car air fresheners.  This was something folks took a liking to, and why wouldn’t it.  It smelled like cinnamon rolls and all things homemade.

The fragrance of New Car burst on the scene engaging a new kind of customer who wanted memories of their once-new car smell back into their cars.  Not everyone can buy a new car when that new smell dwindles.  It’s a lot cheaper to purchase a New Car fragranced car air freshener than a brand new car!

New car fragrance air freshener

Well, you probably guessed what happened next.  That’s right.  The brilliant people at wanted to put fabulous fragrances on their cool car air fresheners.  They started with the rich and comforting fragrance of vanilla.  Then, people wanted their air fresheners with their favorite home scents like candles, fruits and fresh baked desserts in their cars. Customers were drawn to the cool car air fresheners that My Air Freshener was making. 

You know how creative people are – didn’t stop with just vanilla. They pulled out all the stops and splashed on the wonderful scents of Apple Orchard with its luscious fragrance of Macintosh apples. Next, came one of their all-time popular scents, Cologne, that smelled a lot like a Black Ice type air freshener. Fresh Linen followed with its soft soap fragrance.

long-lasting car air fresheners for your car

But there was so much more to offer. Pumpkin Spice ushered in the holidays along with Cranberry Orange. Rose brought memories of summer days and Strawberry Fields strengthening those memories. It’s funny how memories can be recalled with a scent.  It can come in a second. The scent of apple may take you back to your grandmother’s kitchen and her homemade apple pies.  The fragrance of Summer Nights captured the fancy of people with its provocative scent based on a gender neutral aroma with a touch of citrus, wood, and musk.  It is a top seller for sure.  Forest Pine brought the real smell of Christmas trees to air fresheners.  My Air Freshener tells about companies that place holiday orders and use their Christmas bulb shape. They add a season’s greeting and maybe their logo. Their customers love them and hand them on their Christmas trees.  Not only is it a clever way to extend holiday wishes, it keeps the companies’ in their customer’s thoughts.  Of course, Peppermint, the smell of candy canes had to follow that which is also a top seller during the holidays.

Plumeria, reminiscent of the tropics entered the picture with its soft floral scent and Nautical Breeze came to remind us of the seaside.  It seemed a natural progression to follow them with Milky Coconut, because tropical flowers, sand and coconuts just go together.  With the tropics top of mind, Citrus with a luscious fragrance of fresh squeezed lemons and oranges appeared to be a logical choice and it smells like a freshly peeled sweet Florida fruit.

The fragrance of Spearmint made us wanting chewing gum, and then there was Bacon.  What can I say about Bacon other than it is fantastic and a surprisingly popular car air freshener fragrance. 

But, then again, there are those sophisticated lovers of Leather who may dream of Bacon in its slightly more original state of leather.

I truly thought it would be easy to name the top ten car air freshener fragrances, but it is anything but.  Everyone has their favorites, and the love affair for great fragrances is just impossible to narrow to a number like ten.

What I can tell you is for the best long-lasting car air fresheners for your car, buy your air fresheners online at  Their fragrances are terrific, their air fresheners are beautiful, and they have the best customer service anywhere.

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