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Dec 29, 2022

Make the Occasion Memorable with Personalized Air Fresheners

So, you have an event around the corner. You are here because you want to make your event memorable, both for your guests and yourself. You want to make it nostalgic and create a lasting impression on your guests. It’s a great idea but how do you plan to accomplish it? Think Custom Air Fresheners! Personalized air fresheners can make a lasting impact on your invitees without a blow to your budget.

Get the Word Out with Style

Fragrances are endearing. Humans throughout history have enjoyed the pleasures of  refreshing scents. So, make the occasion memorable by sending or gifting your guests with incredibly designed custom air fresheners.

Save the Date Announcement

Share the date of your party along with the venue and some fun pictures related to the event with a custom air freshener. Put your picture on one side and the driving directions to the venue on the other so people can hang it in their cars, see it daily, and think of you. Add colors and a simple yet catchy message to make it even appealing. Who wouldn’t get curious to attend such a party?

Creating a custom air freshener is inexpensive, especially if you place the order in bulk. So, no matter the long list of your guests, you can succeed in making invitees remember your party date while staying within your budget. Be it a large reunion party, a small get-together or an informal neighborhood party, an air freshener designed with a theme is always appreciated.

Wedding and Baby Shower Invitations

Air fresheners are lightweight and easy to mail. They can be effortlessly sent to any number of people. These tailored air fresheners can be tailored to your wedding invitees with beautiful pictures of you and your fiancée. While they can be clearly printed on one side of the freshener, the other side can contain details of your wedding venue, date, and time. It’s a unique and fun way to invite guests to special occasions.

Personalized air fresheners are also great for baby shower invitations. Put your baby’s adorable picture along with a short invitation message for the baby shower event. It’s a popular trend that our customers love to send and receive. Make these invitations even more interesting by choosing a pleasing fragrance that synchronizes with the event theme.

Wedding Favors

You want to thank the guests that attend your wedding, don’t you? Choose a wedding favor that is unique, perhaps as unique as you! While chocolates, doughnuts, garden seeds, and soaps are popular wedding favors, they are all too common. People that receive such gifts forget them within moments, making all your efforts in vain.

Personalized air fresheners are loved by young and old and are widely used today as wedding favors. If you are excited to make your wedding unforgettable, design an air freshener with a scent matching your flowers, in your colors with a fabulous design and text of your choice. Give them to your guests and enjoy their positive reaction.

If you want to design great looking quality air fresheners, is the place to visit. We have an excellent design center with support staff that helps our customers create outstanding custom air fresheners for your special occasion.

Birth and Engagement announcements

Who wouldn’t be excited about the birth of a new family member? Want to announce it to your family and friends? Well, customized air fresheners can be an ideal way to do it. Celebrate the new arrival in style! Add the picture of your baby along with the date of birth and create an unforgettable air freshener that will be treasured by all.

Newly engaged? Make your engagement impressive! Design a playful  air freshener with the shape, size, colors, and style of your choice and place your order. Better get extras – people will want more!

Designing a personalized air freshener is easy at My Air Freshener. We have dozens of templates and pictures for nearly every occasion to help you creative something spectacular.

Birthday and Anniversary invitations

Birthdays and anniversaries are happy events experienced with friends and family. Make them unforgettable and celebrate with in style.  You’ll be rewarded with smiles all around! They might not remember the cake, but we bet they remember the cool air fresheners.

At, we take great care with every order and want our customers to enjoy their purchase. We strive to make each air freshener to our highest standards. They are packed separately, using environment-friendly paper and high-end fragrances.

Adoption announcements

Announce your newly adopted child to everyone you know with a wonderful, personalized air freshener. Make a special photo air freshener with a new family picture on one side of and his or her picture on the other. Choose a scent that celebrates the moment and treasure the moment with this very special commemoration of the occasion.

Holidays and Reunions

There’s no better way than using personalized air fresheners to make holidays and reunions unforgettable. Create sweet memories by designing custom air fresheners, with pictures of your friends and witty messages. Create a series of designs to share and give an assortment to everyone.

Why Choose My Air for Custom Air Freshener?

Why not?

We’re the best in the business and still have our very first customer from over twenty-five years ago!

We have no minimums. So order the number you need and add a few extras for people clamoring for more.

Add your own art or use our great images in the design center. Either way, you will receive the very best.

Add funny, romantic, or touching pictures. We print in full color at no additional charge.

What are you waiting for? Make a fun custom air freshener today!

Ready to Create your First Air Freshener?

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