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Dec 29, 2022

Offices are reopening in the US - How firms are readjusting the workplace in a post-pandemic world?

Americans are getting COVID-19 vaccinations in record numbers

Year 2020 proved as a major challenge for each business vertical across the world, owing to the Covid-19 pandemic. Disruption to social and economic activities was the main drawbacks, followed by confinement in homes to stay safe from viral infections. Majority of businesses reeled under immense economic pressure and had to resort to work from home. In equal strength, employees have worked hard from their homes to keep the ships floating during the pandemic. Usage of online tools for collaboration surged amid the work from home (WFH) model across organizations. This significantly reduced the woes of the corporate world.

Return to office

Now that almost a year has passed, vaccination drives are underway in most of the US cities. Vaccination drives have brightened up the chances of returning to office for employees. The reduction in the number of infections has prompted Americans to look towards joining their offices. As per a recent report, about 26% of employees across 10 major cities of the US - Dallas, Houston, Austin, Philadelphia, San Jose, Chicago, New York and San Francisco have returned to the offices in April 2021. While a large number of other employees are expected to join, post vaccination.

According to Kastle Systems analysis, the data of building occupancy reveals encouraging figures. A cumulated occupancy rate in offices was reported at 27.1%. While, out of other states, Dallas reported the highest building occupancy rate of 41%, followed by Austin at 40.8%. With the pace of pandemic slowing down, life in offices is surely limping back to pre-pandemic normal.

 How To Manage Anxiety About Returning To The Office

Work from home and remote work have known to be the new normal during the pandemic. The model has been appreciated for raising employee productivity levels and remains well-accepted in post-Covid phase as well. For the vaccination phase, many workplaces have adopted a hybrid model of work, wherein, work from home and office is allowed to co-exist.

To ensure ease of work and helping employees to cop up with the stress of returning to office, organizations are counting on the hybrid model. As workforces across the US are gearing up to resume work from office, habitually, a lot changed in the way work in the past year. In contrast to how the employees worked during 2020, returning employees are finding it tough to think of working from office. The pace of vaccination is also holding things back. Many workers are relying on the hybrid model (WFH and office both) to handle their anxiety levels.

Upgrading the workplace with all safety features

The onus to ensure that workplaces are safe to work is on the organizations, now. Employees are being encouraged to go for vaccination and safely return to offices. As the vaccination drives continue, organizations are walking extra mile to provide safety to employees after return.

Steps like employee well-being and health safety programs are being taken by the majority. Rolling out mental health programs, tightening workplace hygiene, screening and ensuring safe physical distances are being taken to restart work from the office. Some organizations are also providing support in finding vaccination centres. Meanwhile, others are offering sizable rewards to vaccinated employees.

Personalizing Employee Gifts & Rewards

Amidst the reopening of workplaces, many companies are in a race to launch reward plans for the returnees. Creative approaches are being taken for attracting back the employees. Rewards like cash, travel trips, free snacks and meals are being offered for getting the vaccination jab and join back offices. While, many small and medium businesses are trying out innovative ways to encourage vaccinated employees to return.

Gifts like customized car air fresheners are being offered as rewards too. Such options are encouraging employees across 50 cities in the US to get the jabs. The car air fresheners with colorful printed messages on them are proving as effective means to convey Covid related communication. As a car freshener can be placed anywhere, employees are finding it easy to remember and follow the rules. They can also be clubbed to enhance the value of employee mental well being programs.

Custom car air fresheners are among the sought-after custom gifts to procure, especially for post-covid reward drives. It is not only about attracting employees; car air fresheners are highly cost-effective gifts as well. Aside from other reward options, a car air freshener carries higher recall value and worth according to the invested money. It can easily ensure a saving of XX% on purchase, in comparison with other available costly options in the market. As personalized gifts, car fresheners have the ability to instill greater sense of belonging and satisfaction in an employee. The availability of wide range of options in fragrance, shape, and printing can further amplify the value of a personalized gift for the employees.

Undoubtedly, such custom gifts are ensuring that offices reopen with maximum enthusiasm and minimum investment. Thus, try out the custom car freshener for your employee reward program and win back the trust of your employees.

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