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Dec 29, 2022

A Smart Way to Increase Sales and Boost Brand Recognition

Learn from clever industry leaders who have chosen an innovative way to expand their customer base.   Build awareness for your brand with a much sought after item that will keep people coming back for more.

Think about what people like, what people want, and how to provide it and enhance your brand recognition at the same time.  Think of great-smelling fragrances and pleasant designs.  Think Custom Air Fresheners!

A longtime insurance agency said, “We love mailing out our custom car air fresheners with a payment receipt or passing one air fresheners to our customers who come into the office.  Customer’s love them and we love having them drive around town with our logo on them.  It’s great for business!  Even though most of our customers pay on-line, they still come to get one of our promotional air fresheners which gives us the perfect opportunity to offer them some of our other services.”

promotional air fresheners

Whether you choose to add a line of fabulous air fresheners to your brand’s products, give away promotional air fresheners, or you’d like to sell a line of wholesale custom air fresheners, can assist you with your objectives.  We have many companies and individuals who create a line of fresheners built around their ideas, designs, activities, or hobbies.  They found something interesting, and develop a niche market around it. We’ve heard amazing success stories with promotions on networks, social media platforms, websites, and telemarketing.

Visit our website to get started.  Make your custom air fresheners in our Design Center with our easy-to-use tools and extensive options, or simply upload your own design.  Choose from our range of lovely fragrances and you’ll have a winning combination.  And, yes, we have bacon!  It is a fun fragrance which makes it so easy to tie into any fun design.  Why not bring home the bacon. Not only is it fun, it smells really good. Several major restaurant chains that use the bacon scent on air fresheners with their logo and take out phone number. Clever idea!

Promotional custom air fresheners are great giveaways for car dealerships, car washes and any one of hundreds of companies servicing the automotive industry. Custom air fresheners are also a great idea for fundraisers. Churches, schools, sports teams, bands, all types of organizations, clubs, radio stations, and hospitals use them.  People will remember your cause with a custom air freshener hanging in their office, car, home, or locker, and they will appreciate the gesture

Consider a colorful line of great smelling air fresheners to sell in health clubs, car washes, and auto care centers, and more.  Think about the possibilities. Got a tradeshow coming up? Attendees love them, and they are better than a business card. Keep customers coming back for more by offering a variety of fragrances.  We offer an extensive line of fresh scents that will brighten anyone’s day.

Join the many businesses that create their custom air fresheners at Your customers will be glad you did, and so will you.

If you love to order pre-made air fresheners with us you have a wide verity of options available with us. Order Cool Car Air Fresheners, Abstract Air Fresheners, Famous quotes Air Fresheners Today.

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