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Dec 29, 2022

What Does Your Car Air Freshener Say About You?

Human beings, as much as we are the same, there are aspects to our humanity that differ immensely. Our personalities, or lack therein, dominate our thoughts, senses and preferences in many areas including friends, music, art, food, activities, and so much more. It’s our unique personalities that gravitate us to things large and small right down to the air freshener we hang in a car. 
As the leading manufacturer of custom air fresheners for over twenty-five years, we can attest to the widely varied penchants of people’s taste. Our customers’ brilliant choices in creating a custom air freshener’s color, design, text or no text, shape, and fragrance never cease to amaze us. If anything, our customers have taught us that there is no limit to creativity when one is free to express their personalities on a special air freshener that represents the indominable free spirit of who they are.
If we look at the personality types described by the Myers & Briggs’ personality type profiles, they outline sixteen basic personalities, we can see the creative genius’ in our customers. 
1)The Healer – Looks to the possibilities and potential for a bright future. Our customers under this category tend to have a personal flair that delves into the pursuit of truth and lean toward creating soft colors on inspirational air fresheners and usually choose a fragrance of flowers.
2)The Mastermind – These customers tend to be analytical and good problem solvers that see the possibilities in making things better. Their personalized air fresheners show innovative ideas that come through in their choice of designs, bold colors, and powerful fragrances. 
3)The Counselor – We find these customers to be creative and tend to create special air fresheners with designs that encompasses compassion with graceful and thought-provoking and nurturing designs and text. 
4)The Architect – Personalized car air fresheners are perfect for this customer. They tend to be philosophical and create their air fresheners with crisp, though complex, designs that show their need for a universal law of order in the universe, or at least on an air freshener.
5)The Champion – These are some fun customers. Their custom air freshener designs are warm, energetic, and passionate. In person, they surely radiate those traits to others. They use vibrant colors and many times, abstract designs, and choose intense and bold fragrances.
6)The Commander – Logical and quick-witted. The personalized car air fresheners they create will make us laugh. We often wish we’d have thought of these customer’s clever sayings.
7)The Visionary – Sometimes our customer’s intellectually challenging designs inspire us. Their clever custom air fresheners are just that, and we are always excited to see what they’ll order next.
8)The Teacher – They always have a clear vision of what they want in a personalized car air freshener. Their designs have a lot of charm. They like primary colors and persuading text to grab the attention of anyone who views it.
9)The Protector – These are loyal customers who tend to choose traditional designs that offer moving messages. Their inspirational air fresheners are meant as much for the viewer as for them. 
10)The Composer – We enjoy seeing the playful designs these customers create. Nearly always cheerful in message and art, we imagine they are easy-going people who go with the flow of life and add laughter to those around them. 
11)The Inspector – Personalized car air freshener designs from these customers are always neat and orderly. Their colors are calm and if they use text, it might come down to a simple, yet powerful, word. It seems less is more with them. They order often for nearly every holiday.
12)The Craftsperson – Logical thinking comes through on their custom air fresheners. Their designs are clear and precise and usually gets their message across without the use of text. They prefer to order our classic fragrances.
13)The Provider – Their inspirational air fresheners leave no room for doubt. There is a sense of highly tuned emotional expressions that show they are attentive to the feelings of others. Their designs are usually environmentally appealing with muted shades of earth and water, and their preference for fragrance goes toward essential oils.
14)The Performer – We picture these customers as full of charm, energetic, spontaneous, and seem like they live their lives to the fullest. Quite possibly the life of the party, their custom air fresheners fit that trait and are loud and in your face. One can’t help but smile at the playfulness in them. They change designs with every order and tend to use fun photos of themselves and their friends in playful antics. Of course, their fragrance choice is bold. There is nothing subtle about them. 
15)The Supervisor – These customers make our lives easier with their well organized orders. There is no nonsense with their personalized designs that are methodically laid out and have a sense of elegance in their simplicity. They usually order the clean fragrances of vanilla and fresh linen.
16)The Dynamo – Our customers with these personality traits seem like they thrive living on the edge. We like to imagine them as thrill seekers riding the roller coaster of life with wild abandon. Their designs are dynamic and breathtaking. It’s always exciting to see what these customer’s next order of special air fresheners is going to be.
The above descriptions are a playful nod to our great customers. We love them all and wish we could meet them in person. We can tell you that they are amazing and unique individuals who brighten our days with their whimsical, artful, and thought-provoking designs. We hope they derive as much joy from their custom air fresheners as we do making them.
Whether or not our customers have the Myers and Briggs personality dimensions listed above, we don’t really have a clue. What we do know is that we love them all. They are cool people that make our work a pleasure.

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