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Dec 29, 2022

Examples of Businesses That Would Benefit from Custom Air Fresheners

Custom Air Fresheners are the perfect marketing tool for companies.  Not only are they low in cost and lightweight, but they’re the perfect item for giveaways and direct mailings. Without a doubt, custom air fresheners are one of the few promotional products out there that can create a huge branding impact on a low budget.  These are ideal for both small and large marketing campaigns.   Since offers a quick turnaround, the item is small and affordable, it’s easy to hand them out at all types of events or mail them in postal campaigns, or even on a direct-to-customer basis.

Wondering whether your business can benefit from custom air freshener marketing? Here are 13 businesses that definitely do:

1. Car Washes

There’s nothing that gives a car owner more pleasure than sitting in a freshly cleaned vehicle that smells great.  Make your client feel more welcomed and appreciated with a beautifully designed and perfumed, custom air freshener.  After your crew has cleaned the vehicle’s interiors, have them hang a car freshener with your company’s logo, and contact information.  Hanging an air freshener in the car is a gentle reminder for your car wash’s brand.  The lasting fragrance encourages repeat business.  The next time your client needs a car wash, you’re the one they’re likely visit.

2. Car Dealerships

Selling a vehicle is just one part of owning and operating a car dealership.  There’s also the service center and retail kiosk.  Want to remind your customers about your dealership’s service center?  Hang a customized air freshener in the vehicle at the time of the sale.  With your dealership’s logo on one side and contact information for when they need an oil change.   At, you can customize every aspect of an air freshener to reflect your business including the design, shape, and color, down to an image and fragrance.

3. Religious & Charitable Organizations

Religious and charitable organizations have to come up with unique marketing strategies to keep their cause in the forefront using custom car air fresheners.  It’s great to hand out as a thank you for donations or to sell.  Either way, it’s a win-win. You raise money and put your logo on the road for more to see.  Other products used to fundraise require a great deal of time and effort. Custom air fresheners make fundraising easy.  More important, people love having a great smelling freshener to brighten their driving experience and people like to acknowledge the organizations that are important to them.  Make your custom air freshener inspiring.  It will be memorable and keep people coming back for more.  These make ideal ‘thank you’ gifts for team members and support staff.

4. Retail Sales

How can a custom air freshener benefit retail stores – even high end fashion stores?  Think about what happens when you close a sale. You thank the customer for their business, right?  Go a step further and give them a customized air freshener with a fabulous scent as a small token of appreciation for their business.  They’ll remember the gesture and will want to shop your business again.  So, put your store name and logo where it will always be noticed by your customer.

Consider using customized air fresheners to do the following:

- Remind or notify customers about your business location, contact information, hours of operation, specialized services, etc.

- Increase profits by developing a cool line of air fresheners for the pleasure of longtime customers and the delight of new customers.

- Place your line of air fresheners with distributors who service the particular industries you wish to explore.

5. Party & Event Planners

This is a competitive arena where word of mouth reviews spread like wildfire.  What’s the best way to make a good impression with your clients? How about a custom air freshener, with your logo and contact information? Give them as a gesture of thanks and to prospective customers at the events and parties you’ve planned.

6. Artists

Whether you’re a tattoo artist, portrait painter, graphic designer, or photographer, you know the difficulty in showcasing your talents to prospective buyers. Think outside the box – or canvas as the case may be. Instead of ordinary business cards that get pitched in a pile with dozens of others, put your art on a customized air freshener and your contact information on the opposite side. The novelty of your message will get attention and show your spunk. And your contact info won’t get tossed aside!

7. Sponsors and Partners’s tailored air fresheners makes the perfect gift or token item for partners and sponsors.  Put their info on one side and yours on the other.  It’s another win-win.  Not only do they convey your appreciation and gratitude, but it’s an effective tool for marketing your event, cause, campaign, business, etc.

8. Real Estate Agents

In this cut-throat industry, it’s all about getting your name out to potential sellers and buyers.  Business cards are too old-fashioned in this digital age.  How about passing out a custom air freshener with your contact info at your next open house?

9. Start-ups

The number one concern for most start-up companies is staying in the budget.  This can be difficult when it comes to marketing your business.  How about handing out your very own business-branded air fresheners? Start-ups who give promotional air fresheners at trade shows, business events, and exhibitions will be remembered.

10. Repair Shops

Want to give your customers a reminder for their oil change or air filter replacement? Hand out an air freshener instead of tacking a sticker on the windshield.  They’ll actually get more use out of it!

11. Politicians

Are you planning to run for office? Forget about bumper stickers, pins, pens, buttons, and flyers.  Hand out air fresheners printed with your image and message instead.  The air freshener will hang in vehicles and promote you for weeks on end.  Who doesn’t love a great smelling air freshener and the politician of their choice!

12. Insurance Companies

Whether you want to sign up new clients, maintain contact with existing ones, or sell new products, insurance companies can easily use air fresheners as a marketing tool.  Each time you mail out a payment receipt, include a customized air freshener.  Your customers will know you care!

13. Cleaning Companies

Cleaning companies can easily place their custom air fresheners at places where they clean. Apart from the clever marketing, the logo and the pleasant aroma will bring a smile to your clients.


Why choose My Air Fresheners to promote your Business?

There are a lot of businesses that can benefit from custom air fresheners for promoting their products or services. Our custom car air fresheners are a cost-effective way of promotion that can significantly impact your business marketing strategy. Our easy-to-design air fresheners with your logo and message printed on both sides are excellent means to attract your target audience. These long-lasting and full-color printed air fresheners will help people remember your brand, and at some point in the future, they will opt to come back to you. Air fresheners are helpful to customers, and they create a pleasant experience whenever they get into the car and keep generating impressions for months. Our promotional air fresheners are vital to driving a successful marketing campaign for gaining a satisfying ROI.

There are a million ways’s custom air fresheners can enhance your marketing strategies.  Let us help you get started.  Contact us today!


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