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Dec 29, 2022

Fun and fabulous car air fresheners with great fragrances - Designs for Everyone

The very first memory of a child begins with the smell of the mother. A fragrance is not just a sensation; it invokes memories too. 
The stench of your unwashed jersey reminds you about the match of the previous day. When you feel a whiff of a brewing coffee, it may create a cascade of memories of your college days and a multitude of emotions. 
Studies show that people remember 35% of what they smell and 5% what they see. Technically, our olfactory system is closer to the hippocampus, the brain structure responsible for memory management, than any other senses. It makes smell, the sense of memory, and desires.
An average American spends around 20 days in his car per year. It means the vehicle is an integral part of our daily life, and we all have an emotional bonding with it.
How can you forget the first journey with your newborn to your home? Wouldn't the memories of your mountaineering expeditions still give you a surge of adrenaline? 
A bad smell not only irritates our nostrils but also changes our road behavior as well. The purpose of a car freshener is not just to remove bad odor, but to give a refreshing and soothing atmosphere for a marvelous driving experience. 
My Air Freshener, Inc., creates the right ambiance to make your travels exciting and memorable through its highly personalized car air purifiers. 
Creativity with fragrance
Picking a car air freshener from the rack at a gas station is quite easy. But such a generic choice might not be the right fragrance to create the best environment to suit your requirements. 

Air freshener with custom fragrance
As a company that focuses on custom car air freshener production, we can provide you the best personalized solutions.
For instance, your mom might be happy with the generic lavender smell, but it could upset your girlfriend. She might prefer champagne as the scent invokes her the vivid memories of ecstasies and togetherness from your last vacation. 
My Air Freshener helps you to make your environment special by creating a freshener with the picture of your vacation; that smells champagne. 
We have a staff of creative people who keep on exploring new areas in scent making to extend the capabilities of car fresheners to new levels. Our professionals go the extra mile to give additional dimensions and purpose for such personalized car perfumes through innovative ideas.
Put your photo and text on a custom air freshener, and we’ll add the fragrance you prefer. 
Some of the extendable features of our products are:
1.    They spark memories: 
Forgetting the dates and skipping the events are not an unusual element in everybody's life. Sometimes, they might not be as critical as your professional commitments but weighs heavily on the emotional side. 
Not turning up for your child's baseball match would inflict a severe agony for the child. Missing the vaccination dates of your pet dog too wouldn't be a good thing.
An air freshener hanging on the rearview mirror with your boy's picture and the dates will help you to be a man of his words.
2.    For Campaigns: 
Our affordable car fresheners with thought-provoking images and impressive scents will be an excellent tool for your campaign activities. These cool car air freshener will invite the attention of not just you, but your passengers as well. 
Such car fresheners spread not only the fragrance but also leave a lasting impression of the campaign elements in the user's mind.
3.    As a Marketing Tool
You can create car freshener cards as marketing materials with the signature smell and sent it to your customers. For instance, if you are a hotelier, you can make a funny car air freshener that announces your slashed prices. These car fresheners will keep on marketing your offer to the customers from their car's rearview mirror with an irresistible fragrance.
4.    As an accident Prevention Mechanism
Are you worried about your husband's impulsive road behavior or his obsession with late-night partying?
We have a solution to reduce your stress levels every time he moves out with the car.
Make a fresh car air fresheners with the picture of your family, and hang it on the rearview mirror. Whenever he feels the urge to have a rash drive, the car freshener reminds him that the family waits at his home and may bring his senses back to order. Such a small act of creativity spreads the aromas of life, care, and happiness.
5.    As a healing Instrument
Emotions are the building blocks of any human relationships, which can occasionally become unexciting. Triggering the memories of happier days can re-vitalize your feelings and give an extra sheen to your relationships. Our Air fresheners with their fabulous perfumes, kindle the memories, and make life more exciting.
Our products are not just a tool to evade unpleasant smells from your vehicles. But are creative elements of fragrance to make your life in cars truly amazing and productive.

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