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Dec 29, 2022

How Promotional Car Air Fresheners are the Ultimate Advertising Solution for Businesses of Any Size?

Whether you are running a small business or a large one, the importance of promotional products cannot be underscored. When you offer a promotional product, it not only serves as a gift but acts as an advertising tool. 

A car air freshener is the best promotional product you can consider. It offers many advertising benefits as compared to traditional advertising. It is a very handy promotional product you can gift your customers. 

When you gift a car air freshener, the product is right in front of the recipient and so, any promotional message on it gets registered in the mind of the customer easily.  

1. Disadvantages of Traditional Advertising 

Traditional advertising in newspapers, magazines, TV, radio and other media has been in use for many years. While they may be effective, there are many disadvantages to traditional advertising. 

1. Traditional advertising is expensive. The media costs, particularly on TV and newspapers can be very high. The cost of producing the advertising is also fairly high.  

2. It is difficult to target specific market segments through traditional advertising. 

3. The entire process takes time and thus lacks immediacy. If you want to offer a new message, then it takes a lot of time. You need to create a new ad and then share it with the media. The whole thing is time-consuming. 

4. Most media organizations show demographic data to indicate who reads their newspaper or watches their TV.  However, once a newspaper or TV show is out to the public, it is difficult to determine who is reading/watching it. This makes it difficult to target your market segment. 

5. Traditional advertising is limited by the content you offer. An ad is run for a specific duration, and you need to say what you want within that time. Similarly, print ads are constrained by space and the number of words. 

2. Move into the modern age and stand out from the crowd 

It is time to reduce the use of traditional media and move into the modern age. Advertising today has moved to the digital world. The growth of the internet has resulted in businesses moving online to reach out to their target audience. Apart from advertising online, other innovative modern advertising ideas are being implemented. 

One of these ideas is giving away promotional products like car air fresheners that customers would use and like. It is a unique promotional idea that offers unlimited potential. When you offer customers a car air freshener, you would advertise the product. You can print your logo on the air freshener and even a promotional message.  

The air freshener would be prominently displayed in the car as it emits a pleasant fragrance. The car owner and other passengers in the car would see the air freshener at all times. They would identify the fragrance with your branding elements displayed in the freshener. This is a powerful way of creating brand recall.  

It is a small gift that you can give as a token of appreciation to your valued customers. It would make them thank you since it makes their car journey a pleasant one. The added bonus is the marketing mileage you get when your customer and others see your promotional message constantly. 

3. Buy bulk and get huge discounts 

If the idea of offering a car air freshener seems interesting, then you will be happy to know it is a very practical idea. It is not expensive, and you can buy the product in bulk and get huge discounts. It is an innovative gift idea used by businesses and other organizations like clubs, schools, sports teams, etc. 

Promotional advertising costs money, and you need to do everything possible to keep costs under check. The cost of procuring a car air freshener and personalizing it by printing your business details on it would be significant. You can reduce the costs by buying in bulk, which allows the seller to offer a huge discount on the price. 

Buying in bulk allows you to send this valuable promotional gift to as many customers and partners as possible. You can keep a ready stock of products with you, so you can offer it as and when needed. If you are planning an event, then you can buy the air fresheners in bulk and gift them to all the event participants.  

You can choose the fragrance you want and design the car air freshener in the way you want. This allows you to personalize the car air freshener, so you can get the perfect product of your choice.  

4. Custom Air Freshener Design Center 

Designing your own air freshener is simple. All you need to do is visit the design center on Designing and ordering your car air freshener is a quick and easy experience. This is how it works: 

1. First, select the shape of the air freshener by choosing from the different shapes available. 

2. Then select the color of the product. 

3. You can choose a background for the car air freshener by selecting from different options. 

4. You can personalize it by adding clip art, images, and the text of your choice. This is where you can add your brand name, logo, and promotional message. 

5. You can even add a border while designing the air freshener. 

6. The last and most important thing to do is to choose the fragrance. You can choose from options already available like orange, rose, fresh linen, peppermint, leather, etc. You can even send your own oil, and it would be used as the fragrance. 

7. Choose the quantity and place your order. The product will be delivered to your office. You can even order 1 sample unit to first evaluate before buying. 

There is no doubt that a car air freshener is a great promotional idea to use for your business. Design your own air freshener and place your order today to start benefiting from this idea. 

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