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Dec 29, 2022

School & University Air Fresheners-Promote Your School and Show Your Team Spirit

Beyond infusing the air with an enjoyable scent, air fresheners are more than just a sweet-smelling refreshing fragrance and can be utilized for a variety of reasons.While it’s undeniable they perform their basic function as expected, it didn’t take long before savvy faculty and students grasped the untapped potential to effectively promote their schools, universities, clubs, and multiple organizations in clever ways. 
The successful marketing of schools and universities with customized air fresheners starts with a simple premise – make it appealing to your target market. Schools and universities must be creative in developing air fresheners that identify them, their brand, i.e., mascot, and their philosophies while at the same time showing style and team spirit. Their school’s fresheners should stand apart from the noise of unimaginative retail lines. Do it right and reap the benefits of a unique channel of advertising and fundraising possibilities. 
Start by choosing the best online air freshener company that can assist with the design and offer invaluable insight into the process. is a great choice. They make their air fresheners in the U.S.A. and are reputed to provide outstanding customer service.
Promote Your School Pride and Events with Creatively Designed Air Fresheners
Custom air fresheners make a school/university more visible around campus and around town. Students, families, and the communities are always eager to show their support. And who wouldn’t enjoy the bonus of showing team spirit with a great scent! 
Put your name, colors and mascot on a car air freshener and be ahead of every game in town! Have a school event around the corner and want to get the word out creatively? Make air fresheners for the team and put their schedules on the backside. Take advantage ofthe online design tools and art to create your air freshener or use your own combination of text, colors, and pictures related to your school/university event to design a unique air freshener that can be used as a token giveaways, awards, or sold to raise money for the team, organization or upcoming event. Marketing your unique brand has never been easier! lets your school create distinctive air fresheners that meet your specific needs. Our website provides a range of fabulous fragrances to choose from while the art tools make designing simple and fun. We have a large, loyal, and satisfied clientele of schools and universities that use the power of our custom car air fresheners as an added tool in displaying their team spirit and promoting multiple school events.
Make Great Fundraising Profits with Customized Air Fresheners
Customized air fresheners take fundraising to the next level by selling an item people want and will be happy to use while at the same time advertising your school and event. Fresheners are simple and exceptionally profitable. In addition to that, they promote your event or cause all the while making it memorable by using scent to connect the two. So, put your message out there for the world to see. Grab the attention and imagination of your core market with an appealing and powerful design on exclusive air freshener. 
Also consider the advantages of increasing sales through third parties associated with your school. Start small with your school stores and branch out to local retailers, banks, restaurants, and a dozen others. Large universities may want to reach out to state, or international affiliates. 
Many of our schools who do fund raisers have the team, club or student body presell their school air fresheners to get the exact number to order no different than you would with any other fundraising event. It’s great for students participating in business school clubs such as DECA, FBLA, Business Professionals of America and Entrepreneurship Club.You may also want to bring in sponsors to finance product cost and distribution. prints in full color on both sides of the air fresheners which is ideal for local businesses to advertise while sponsoring the school’s events.
We have no minimums. So, start small and experiment with your favorite designs. Once you’ve decided on your preferences, order in bulk to get the best bang for your buck. The more you order, the more you save. The price per unit drops substantially with bulk orders. sells to customers large and small who take advantage of bulk orders. Each air freshener is cellophane wrapped and sealed with utmost care so they have a good shelf live. If you need assistance, please send us an email, or give us a call for specific questions. We’re here to help.
Promote Team Spirit with the Power of Air Fresheners
Add a photo of your sports team, band, club, or special event on one side of the freshener and the school mascot or flag on the other. Sell them in your school stores and students will hang them with pride. You’ll make a profit and boost team spirit. Whether it’s grade school parents, family and friends supporting the school, high school and college students displaying their team colors in their cars and at games, it keeps the spirit alive and is a positive venture for everyone.
Add Header Cards with Your School Air Fresheners offers toppers and full-back header cards at a great price that make it easy to display your single or multiple lines of air fresheners. This option requires a 1000 piece minimum order per design for toppers and 7500-piece minimum for the full-back headers. Both will add an additional $.17/unit to the cost and come stapled to the air freshener bag. Check out our website for further details and quantities. You may want to offer to print a sponsor’s coupon on one side of the freshener.
My Air Freshener has helped our customers in designing air fresheners for school teams. If you need assistance, let us know what you have in mind and we’ll be happy to help you with the design. 
Create a Special Air Freshener for School Games and Schedules
Have a basketball tournament, football game, or a soccer match?
Promote your sports events like never before with custom air fresheners. Design these fresheners with your team pictures on one side and the game schedules on the other. Sell them to your students and give them away for awards. Students and the community take note when you do something different. Try it and see how promoting your school is a win win for everyone.
Choose Myairfreshener.Com for Promoting Your School
When it comes to choosing an online air freshener company for extraordinary personalized air fresheners for schools and universities, should be your only choice. We value our customers and provide the same dedicated and friendly service to everyone. Try us – you’ll like us! has been in the industry for 24 years delivering efficiency and satisfaction to our customers. We make our products in the U.S.A. and provide quality fresheners at a fair price with service you’ll not find anywhere else.
We make sure you’ll get noticed!

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