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Dec 29, 2022

Raise Money for your cause with Customized Air Fresheners

Customized air fresheners serve more than what they are intended for.  Apart from rejuvenating the atmosphere around with pleasant-smelling fragrances, these bespoke air fresheners make great tools for fundraising.  They are largely used by clubs, non-profit organizations and religious institutions to raise funds, mostly for societal well-being. Schools and Universities are also using customized air fresheners as a fundraising opportunity.
Here’s how you can raise money by selling Customized Air Fresheners:
In recent times, many air freshener companies have sprung up online.  You can check out some of them to learn about their prices, especially when you place a bulk order.  Sites now offer customized products which means you can actually create one to align with your style or cause.  Use the available templates and designs or create an entirely new one that excites you. Order in bulk and sell these fresheners at low prices.
For instance, let’s assume you buy 1000 air fresheners at 0.65 per piece; this translates to $650 in total.
If you sell each piece at $3.00, you will be earning $2350, making a striking 360% profit.
If you sell each air freshener at $4.00, you will earn $3350, making a whopping 515% profit.
If you sell each piece at $5.00, you make $4350, with a 669% profit.

Raise funds for causes and events
Customized air fresheners can make a great option to raise funds for religious events.  They can be sold to the donors, devotees, and volunteers associated with your religious institution or charity, with a message promoting your service.  It can be inspirational, devotional or just a short message describing your upcoming event.
Schools and Universities can create custom air fresheners with photos of their school teams and bands.  These can be sold to the parents, students and all those associated with the school/university.  Apart from inspiring the teams, it is possible to generate great revenues.  If you are looking for a good place to create a custom air freshener, browse  The site offers excellent customization besides providing a range of designs, art, fragrances, and shapes to choose from.
Clubs can raise funds as well with customized air fresheners.  It doesn’t matter whether you are planning a medical event or a sporting event for the societal good, with air fresheners, you can easily carry out all your planned activities.  Design a customized air freshener with your event message/club logo, get them in bulk from a reliable supplier and sell them to the club members and public.
Non-profit Organizations generally lack funds to execute their plans/events.  Such organizations can get a distinctively designed air freshener in bulk to be sold to the general public and organization members.  The money generated out of the sale can be used for the cause or planned event.
Build awareness
Building awareness with customized air fresheners is easy.  Look for a genuine air freshener company online and create a wonderful air freshener with your brand name, using their fragrances, oils, designs and other tools.  Place a bulk order and give these fresheners to your customers as a holiday gift or use them as promotional tools when you launch a new product or service.  Humans like fragrances and the fresheners are not going to be thrown away.  They will find a place either in a vehicle or in any room, making the people around aware of your brand.  When you can successfully build a brand, there’s no looking back for you.  My Air Freshener is a lovely place where you can bring life to your imagination.  There are tens and hundreds of beautiful designs and mind-blowing fragrances on the site that you can use to make your product amazing.
If you are planning an event and looking to raise funds for it, you can also sell the customized air fresheners to your customers and suppliers.  Raise awareness about your cause/event and inspire them to buy the freshener and become a part of the social activity.
Custom air freshener: Features
• When customizing an air freshener for your cause or event, you can opt for full- color printing, on both sides.  This makes it appealing and enables you to sell effortlessly.  Colors make a great impact on humans but ensure to choose them carefully. Do not use too much of everything.
• Regardless of your order size, the air freshener company should deliver your order efficiently.  Each freshener must be individually wrapped with elastic attached, making it ready to use/hang.
• When you are ordering a customized air freshener, you should not be pressurized to order a ‘minimum’.
• Creating a customized air freshener should not cost you more.  The company you choose should offer discounted prices for bulk orders and no set-up charges.


How effective are custom car air fresheners for fundraising?

Air Fresheners with your logo or message printed can be used successfully for raising funds for schools, non-profits, and individuals. Custom Air Fresheners purchased at wholesale rates make them extremely cost-effective. It helps bring brand awareness to your charity and also creates the perfect opportunity to promote your cause or events to the broader community. In this way, you can generate funds within your budget and do not have to spend a lot to raise funds. Also, you can offer the personalized air freshener as a gift to anyone who donates a certain amount to your cause, or to frequent donors who give every year. Custom air fresheners are a useful product and they will give a constant reminder to your nonprofit or charity whenever they get into the car.
At My Air Freshener, we offer 2-side full-color printing and deliver your order on time, with each piece individually and neatly wrapped.  With us, you will neither have set-up charges to worry about nor ‘order minimum’.

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