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Dec 29, 2022

The Importance of Product Customization in Business strategy

COVID-19 pandemic has, quite literally, changed the whole world. These changes are distinguishable in both B2B and B2C businesses. Today, the Internet and technology advancement (AI, AR & VR) has provided brands an opportunity to grow multi-fold. A prominent strategy that has seen an epic boost is product customization.

Though product customization is not new, it is a solid way to streamline your branding and business strategy. Product customization has provided the customers as well as businesses to look at their products differently. Companies like Tesla and Nike have introduced customization into their products, and the results are better than expected.

What is Product Customization?

Product Customization is the process of allowing consumers to design their products. It allows the end-user to personalize the color, the texture, the text or image, shape of the product according to their preferences. 

For example, the flagship products of various brands are allowed to change according to the buyer. Not only does this retain the originality of the product but also helps in providing uniqueness.

Better Customer Engagement

Product customization allows a business to achieve better customer engagement. A brand that grants a touch of personal creativity to its customers performs better than its competitors. At the airport, for example, people often stop and ask for that personalized suitcase you have. It provides the brand with an excellent marketing strategy.

In a survey conducted by Deloitte, it was found that one in five people are willing to pay up to 20% more for customized products than for regular products. Therefore, personalization not only saves on business expenses but also allows brands to earn more on revenue. A win-win situation for everyone.

Boosts Brand Recognition

A brand that offers customized and personalized products stand out in the competition. It builds a niche of its own. Customized Car Air Fresheners, T-shirts, mobile phone covers, and laptop jackets have constantly been catching people’s attention.

The customers too, return more satisfied with personalized products. It gives them a sense of belonging to the brand. They feel like they are a part of the decision-making of the company and this results in long-term loyalty.

This allows a company to market through word of mouth. A person who is satisfied with the product they are using, will more often than not, tell their friends about the brand. An added benefit would be that companies facilitate and streamline the process. It will be icing on the cake.

Supports Advertising

Customization perfectly fits the rule, ‘Consumer is the king’. It places the power in the hands of the customer. The empowerment of the customers leads to more satisfaction among them. There may be instances when the customers hold influential positions in society, it provides the companies with enhanced advertising opportunities.

Often, the advertising expenditure is huge in a company’s balance sheet. Companies have often struggled to contain these expenses. And customization is a perfect example of how, by minor accommodation of customer needs, the expense can be brought down significantly. 

This also saves the company from hiring extra people specifically for the role of marketing executives. The product itself turns into an advertisement.

Millennials and the connection

In this age, when social media influencers are shaping the demand of the millennials, customization offers a great way to stand out. Customized products often portray the lifestyle of the person. It provides the influencers to show their uniqueness on the internet. This has led to more and more influencers choosing the brands offering customized products over others. 


A large chunk of trade today happens in the digital world. Who could have imagined that shopping would be a matter of a few clicks? It is a reality now.

With the dynamic market, keeping huge stocks increases the cost of logistics. In such a scenario, if the companies wait for the customer and then keep the products according to their preferences, the costs will go down exponentially. This cuts costs for the company. 

Air Fresheners

Be it home or the cars, Air Fresheners are among the highest selling products today. With companies launching hundreds of new fragrances every year, the options are rising. In all this, customers get puzzled while choosing the best scent for them.

Product Customization in Air Fresheners allows an easy way out of this dilemma. Customers are allowed to make their homes smell as they like them. Some may like it smelling like flowers, some may like it smells like wood, whatever the preference be, customization offers a wide array of choices. 

This, too, ultimately benefits the companies in generating new and loyal customers. As Customization in Air Fresheners is relatively a new concept, it will attract customers rapidly.

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