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Dec 29, 2022

Unique Ways to Make Your Startup Stand Out in a Cut-throat Competitive Industry

In an industry where there are high levels of competition, it requires a lot of skills and efforts to turn the market attention towards your startup. As an entrepreneur, you need to work hard and differentiate yourself from the pack. Further, you should be smart and align your marketing strategies with consumer needs. This article talks about some unique ways to make your dream firm stand out in a cut-throat competitive industry.

Be unique

Come up with something new to attract the attention of your potential customers. Introduce a new product/service, use modern technologies, and adopt new processes. The concept of buying and selling in a physical store is long gone. Get online, build an easy-to-navigate website, and interact with your audience. Connect with people on your business social media pages. People want change with value products and smarter solutions. Understand the market needs and build your firm accordingly.

Build a strong online presence

This is the era of the internet, web technologies and smartphones. If you want more people to know you are a serious player in the industry, increase your visibility online. Hire a good and affordable digital marketing agency that delivers results. Promote your startup online with search-engine-optimized website pages, keyword-rich blog posts, graphic designs and unique content. Facebook and Instagram ads can also work wonders if your audience includes the younger population.

Unique advertising and marketing approaches

You can stand out from the rest when you differentiate yourself. Yes, don’t expect to make it great by following the other established players in your industry. If you want to grab attention, develop your identity. Some easy ways to differentiate yourself are:

· Design your business card distinctively

· Use video content to tell your story

· Offer service to non-profit organizations

· Make customer testimonials visible on your website

· Feature content your audience likes most on your social pages

· Offer giveaways at trade shows

· Offer a memorable gift to everyone that attends your business meeting

· Offer a complimentary gift to your customers when they purchase at your store

We know you are a startup and face financial challenges. Please take note, we are not recommending you to give away luxurious gifts and spend heavily on marketing. We are only suggesting you to look for inexpensive yet awesome gifts that can make your brand memorable. Say, for instance, custom air fresheners. They are affordable yet can make a lasting impression. Humans are attracted to fragrances and when scents given away as gifts, people would be more than glad to receive.

So, what exactly do we mean by ‘customized’ here? Well, you can find numerous standardized air fresheners online. They are also widely used as giveaways at business shows and promotional programs. However, have you ever thought of designing an air freshener to sync with your brand?

Yes, you can now effortlessly design your air freshener that speaks your business. You can choose the colors, scent, and add text, pictures/logo to the air freshener and come up with a unique product for advertising your brand. is an interactive website where you can easily design creative air fresheners.

There are however many other affordable products you can choose but fragrances are special. They stay in the people’s memory for a long time.

Create SEO-optimized content to attract a high-intent audience

Search engine optimization is a digital marketing technique adopted to improve traffic to a website. Simply said, SEO optimization is all about improving your website to enhance its visibility for users and search engines. The better you optimize, the better your online visibility and rankings. However, you would be surprised if we tell you over 50% of businesses don’t have a digital strategy yet (source: Such businesses suffer and fail to make an impact, eventually leading to closure. We don’t want you to become one among them.

Offer free samples of your product

Offering free samples gives your users/potential customers the real feel of your product. They identify the value in your product and perceive you as trustworthy. It is an effective way of advertising your product. Initially, it might be an investment but it truly makes a difference. Under this method, you let your product do the marketing. When the users are satisfied with your product, obviously they come to you the next time they want to purchase the product.

Influence communities and get product recommendations

When you talk about your product, people look at it from an advertising perspective. If you can influence individuals and communities through influencers, the perception will be different. People trust the views of those that have used the product. When influencers recommend, people believe them and make up their mind to try your product. Community influencing can earn you quick revenues.

If you have made up your mind to use custom air fresheners for your marketing, we appreciate your enthusiasm and smartness.

Custom Air Fresheners from My Air freshener can help new business to capture the attention of potential customers and establish a strong brand presence. By creating car air fresheners with a distinctive design and scent, startups can differentiate themselves from the competition and make a lasting impression on their target audience. Our lightweight & affordable custom air fresheners make them an excellent choice for startups looking to make a big impact with limited resources. By investing in custom air fresheners, startups can increase brand recognition, build customer loyalty, and establish their brand as a leader in their industry

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