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Dec 29, 2022

Eight Effective Ways to Use Personalization to Increase Revenue This Holiday Season

The season has arrived. It is a great time to increase sales and profits. Despite advertisements cropping up everywhere and promotions cluttering the internet, there are unique ways to attract shopper’s attention. Personalized marketing is proven to enhance sales and ROI. Take advantage of marketing personalization to build customer loyalty and increase revenues this holiday season.

Consider the Following Eight Ways to Enhance Sales and Generate Customer Loyalty:

  • Send Personalized Thank You Notes

Analyze and use past customer experiences to tailor your personal messages. For instance, if one of the customer segments visited your site through a particular channel, you can use that channel to deliver thank you messages. Consider giving holiday rewards and gifts to your customers to show your appreciation for their business. It is also a great way to keep your business top-of-mind to established and new consumers. Personalizing your messages allows you to connect better with your customers and build a pipeline for sales.

  • Air Freshener Make Great Giveaways for Members of your Community

Consider special giveaways for segments of the community that use your product(s). Small, personalized items improve brand identity, and make a positive impression on consumers. If you are looking for affordable yet effective giveaways, personalized air fresheners are an excellent choice. They are great gifting ideas for holidays and business giveaways. They can also be given away as tokens of appreciation.

  • Engage Existing Customers with Personalized Offers

Customers appreciate the attention of a personalized approach. Gone are the days when you could target everyone with a single message. The competitive world today demands you to get personal and reach out to your customers in a manner they appreciate. Here are innovative ways to engage your existing customers.

· Offer special discount codes to the customers who regularly shop your brand. Useartificial intelligence technologies to contact customers let them know about real-time offers.

· Emails with personalized subject lines are a good idea. Such emails attract customer attention, and they are likely to contact you for new products and deals.

· Make an effort to know your customers. Learn what drives them to purchase a specific product and modify your marketing plans accordingly. Introduce a feedback survey to understand customers better and what they like and don’t like about your product(s) so that you can acknowledge their insights and make adjusts where needed. Align your products and marketing with customer expectations to meet your revenue goals.

  • Segment Email Subscribers

It’s usually not a good idea to send the same email to all customers. Different customers have different needs and attitudes about your products. Segment your email subscribers into categories and send personalized messages that address that specific group to make your personalized contact more effective. Tailor a specific email messages such as inactive customers with new and exciting discounts to encourage them to take another look at your products.

  • Offer Product and Pricing Recommendations

Promote holiday seasonal products and give customers what they need this holiday season. Let customers know about your new products, discounts, and specials. Offer special discounts on wholesale prices in your personalized promotional messages.

For instance, at My Air Freshener our holiday and seasonal air fresheners are designed exclusively for the holiday seasons. Our whimsical air fresheners fit offer creative options to fit most everyone’s needs. Check them out at You’ll be glad you did.

Order our specially designed Christmas air fresheners, Easter air fresheners, or Halloween air fresheners that come in beautiful colors and enticing fragrances. Each freshener is unique and features a contemporary design that’s simply perfect for the holiday. If you prefer, personalize your air fresheners with a design, logo, and fragrance that aligns with your brand and message. They’re great promotional products and always appreciated.

Our bulk discount pricing allows you to place large orders and save money.

  • Personalize Your Follow-Up Communications

It’s the important things that matter. According to surveys, 87% of shoppers purchase more products when they receive personalized messages from brands. That’s huge! Connect to your customers emotionally and build bonds that last. Follow-up your customers after they’ve purchased with a personalized and appreciative message and they’ll want to come back for more.

  • Use Social Media to Attract New Customers

Get active on social media this season and tap into a new customer base. Create engaging content, participate in trending community discussions, optimize your content for SEO, and offer value for free. Encourage feedback on your website and social media pages and be creative when responding to questions.

  • Direct Customers to More Resources

Engage with your customers and direct them to more resources. Update them on the industry trends. Ask them to connect with your brand on social channels to take advantage of special deals. Add relevant SEO rich blog posts, attractive videos, and trustworthy publications regularly to stay active and connected. In addition, reveal new uses for the products your customers purchase.

Personalize your promotions and scale to new heights this holiday season!

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