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Dec 29, 2022

How can businesses benefit from Custom Scented Air Fresheners?

Air fresheners are a great product to use. They release a pleasant scent that not only keeps the room fresh but helps to elevate your mood. Did you know you can create your custom scented air freshener? You can design an air freshener in the shape of your choice, add a design to it, and even choose the fragrance you want. This would be a boon for businesses as they can use these air fresheners for business promotion.


1) Importance of Custom Air Fresheners


For a business, a custom air freshener can be an important element of their promotional strategy. When given to customers, they can be used to promote a business by creating brand recall. The following are some benefits of custom air fresheners that explain their importance for businesses.


  1. They spark memories: It is a well-known fact that scents can spark memories. People love to smell a familiar scent to bring back pleasant memories.

  2. For Campaigns: If a business is running a campaign, custom air fresheners can be a part of the campaign strategy.

  3. As a marketing tool: A custom air freshener would contain the brand name, logo, colors, and any other text message. This makes it a powerful marketing tool for business promotion.

  4. As an accident prevention mechanism: When used in a car, an air freshener can help prevent an accident. A study has shown that using a rose fragrance could prevent the chances of accidents by 64%.

  5. As a healing instrument: Aromatherapy involves the use of specific fragrances to treat health conditions. Using custom air fresheners allows you to create different scents making the air freshener a health device to treat health issues. 


2) Custom scents from is a pioneer in helping customers create custom air fresheners. The website allows customers to choose the scent of their choice. The choices are not restricted to a few but include a variety of scents. Some of the fragrances available are:


  1. Nightfall (Black Ice Type) 

  2. French Vanilla 

  3. Apple Orchard 

  4. Rose 

  5. Fresh Linen 

  6. Plumeria 

  7. Ocean 

  8. Wild Cherry 

  9. Strawberry 

  10. Cinnamon 

  11. Pine Mist 

  12. Coconut 

  13. Squash 

  14. Peppermint 

  15. Spearmint 

  16. Lemon Burst 

  17. Orange 

  18. CK Splash 

  19. New Car (Fresh & Clean) 

  20. Watermelon 

  21. Pumpkin 

  22. Spice 

  23. Leather 

  24. Cran-Orange 

  25. Banana


So, if you are looking for a custom air freshener, then you can choose from the large selection of scents we offer. It is even possible that you can get any scent of your choice. For this, a minimum purchase of 25 pounds per scent is needed. If you have your own custom scent oils, you can send them to our factory, and we will use them to create an air freshener.


All the air fresheners we offer are made in the USA. The scents are also made in the states and we do not import anything for any other country. 


We do the hanging paper type air freshener only. In case your business wants to work with us for paper air fresheners, then we will be happy to offer private customer scents. If you would like such a private scent, then we would need a minimum order of 1000 units. The process involved requires the customer to send the scent oils to our factory. We would then apply it in our process to create the air freshener.


If you want to know about our pricing, you can refer to the design in our design center. The price we charge depends on factors like the shape of the air freshener, the artwork you wish to use, and the quantity ordered.


3) How Business can use it for their Promotion?


If you have a business, then you can get custom air fresheners from us and use it for your promotional activities. Here are examples of some businesses that use custom air fresheners for their promotional activity. You can go through to get ideas on how to implement the same for your business.


  1. Car washes: When your vehicle is given for a car wash, imagine if you get it back with a custom air freshener installed! Wouldn’t it be pleasing? The air freshener would have the name of the car wash and other information so you are reminded of how to put it in your car.

  2. Retailers: Retail outlets, including fashion stores, can offer custom air fresheners to their customers. They can print their branding elements along with a promotional message so it gets noticed.

  3. Event planners: An event or party planner can gift custom air fresheners to their clients. This would help create a brand recall.

  4. Artists: Artists can create innovative artwork and use it on the custom air freshener. This is a great way of using the air freshener like a visiting card.

  5. Startups: Custom air fresheners are a cost-effective way for startups to promote themselves. 

  6. Cleaning companies: Placing customer air freshener at the client site is a great way to remind clients of the good cleaning work done.

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