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Dec 29, 2022

Custom Printed Air Fresheners – Express Yourself with Witty, Artistic, Thoughtful, and Creative Designs

Many people use and enjoy custom printed air fresheners. They use them in their cars, their homes, retail shops, schools & university supply stores, tradeshows, events, etc.

Air fresheners do more than make the surroundings smell good. My Air Freshener custom printed fresheners go above and beyond just infusing a space with a good fragrance. Here’s how:

Full-Color Printing

When designing a custom air freshener in the easy to use Design Center, there are plenty of great options.  First, we offer full-color printing on both the front and back.  Most fresheners are printed with color on only one side.  Next, with your air freshener design, you can customize the image, border, background, text, and choose from a variety of free shapes.  You can even create a custom shape for a one-time fee of $295.00/shape.  Choose from twenty-five great fragrances including New Car, Orange, Vanilla, Peppermint and so many more.  Lastly, you can select the image from our large collection of clipart or upload your own image. In addition, for a truly unique design, we offer outstanding images from contemporary artists in our Artist Series and see their amazing art.

Environmental Focus

At My Air Freshener, we’ve got Mother Earth’s best interests at heart. All our air fresheners are printed on recycled paper and designed with eco-friendly inks. In continuing with our commitment to the environment, we’re proud to offer our My Green products range. This line features stunning air fresheners, with inspiration taken from nature, water, air, and sky in its designs. What makes My Green air fresheners truly exceptional is that not only are they printed on recycled paper, but they’re also infused with pure essential oils. They’re pleasing to the eyes and nose as well! In launching the My Green line, we’ve incorporated our customers’ ideas and preferences for air fresheners, while adhering to our company’s mission and vision.

Best advertising & Promotional Tool for Businesses

Scent has tremendous marketing power. By 2024, it is estimated that the global fragrance market will be worth nearly $92 billion USD. An example to consider is how scent influences gambling. A study conducted by Salon found that a lingering floral scent in a casino results in a 45% increase in gamblers playing in casinos. Interesting!

As a promotional tool, it provides the biggest bang for your buck. The cost of an air freshener starts at 1 unit @ $6.99/unit plus Shipping – a bargain at that. The bulk purchase price per unit price drops significantly. When you consider the cost of printing flyers, running a PPC campaign, or even a Facebook advertisement, a personalized air freshener is by far the most economical and offers the most benefits. Fresheners are especially useful for start-ups and new businesses who need to build awareness in the market. Unlike other marketing strategies, you can simply get customized air fresheners printed with your business name, logo, and image. Then, distribute them to people you meet – especially at tradeshows. Consider giving your customized air fresheners as ‘Thank You’ gifts to your customers for their business. Custom air fresheners make the best promotional and marketing tool for any business. We have no minimums, so you can order as many or as few as you would like which gives you a chance to test which of your designs and fragrance choices are the most effective.

Personalized Art & Message

Did you know that your custom air freshener can be designed to be as creative and individualized as you like? At My Air Freshener, you may personalize your air freshener in a myriad of ways. For instance, you can select the following:

- color

- border

- text

- clipart image

- upload an image

- border

- shape

Use our clipart, upload image, or check out the great designs in our Artist Series. These designs are created by our well-knownartists and feature a variety of styles from fine art to cartoon illustrations. There’s something for everyone. And you just may see one of their comic strips on the internet, attend one of their college courses, or see their work in a museum. Check it out.

Apart from the visual features you can customize, you may consider adding a message on your air freshener. The message can be anything you wish such as a positive thought or affirmation, proverb, religious scripture, even symbols, or seasonal greetings. Present them to friends, customers, and guests with a personalized tribute to a birthday party or a wedding. Personalized air fresheners also are great for fundraisers and charity events and can make huge profits. Visit and check out our My Air Freshener Wall of Fame where our creative customers upload their custom air fresheners: Customers can ask us to upload their favorite art while ordering. Get busy, unleash your creative genius, and start designing in our Design Center.

Interactive Website and App to Express Yourself

At My Air Freshener, our Design Center is an interactive website feature that enables you to customize every aspect of your air freshener. You can bring to life the vision you have in mind.

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