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Dec 29, 2022

What lead to the invention of Custom Air Fresheners?

Air fresheners are not new; they originated long, long ago but have evolved over centuries. This write-up talks about the different stages in their evolution and how custom air fresheners were invented and have now become the rage.

History of Scents

history of custom air fresheners Infographic

Scents are integral to mankind.  Humans have always loved fragrances and when it comes to its origin, it can be dated back to the history of human origin.  Scents have often found applications in the field of medical therapies from generations; besides they are used in festivities and religious ceremonies.  Fragrances come in a range of forms; while some have a boosting effect, certain scents have a calming impact.  Whatever the reason for their usage, scents have been here since time immemorial and are here to stay for generations to come.

Scents in the olden days were made by boiling herbs, flower petals, and spices.  These were soaked usually into olive oil, that was meant to be the carrier. Lily, Jasmine, and Honey were the popular scents and you would be surprised to know that they are still going strong!  Yes, people love these wonderful aromas even to this day.

People over the years have enjoyed natural scents such as the aromas of rain, spring flowers, the smell of the deep sea, leaves and more.  Over time, man-made scents were traded for commercial purposes.  As time rolled, several kinds of fragrances were produced, using both natural and synthetic ingredients.

The Modern perfume trading facts (18th, 19th century)

Perfume trade began in the early 18th century and by the end of the nineteenth century, it was at its peak.

Romans were the first to sell herbs loaded with scents.  These became quite popular during those days.

Egyptians were also very good at scent trading and were considered as world leaders. Cyprinum and Susinum were the most popular among the scents prevalent at that time and most of the fragrances contained cinnamon and myrrh as the chief ingredients.  They were so involved and attached with the scents that they believed the aromas were the sweat of the Almighty!

Greeks were passionate about scents as well.  Men and women in their community wore scents since they believed that the fragrances can impact their health and well-being for good.  Scents were also used for bathing rituals and significant events.

Tappauti, a lady chemist that lived in Mesopotamia during the second Millennium BC is said to have created unique smelling perfumes made from oil, Calamus and flowers.  She is in fact, the first chemist in the world.

19th century witnessed mass production of scents.  This reduced the prices of the scents to a great extent and they became largely affordable.  They were not a luxury anymore and people began to use the scents more often.  This century also saw Coco Chanel, Guerlain and Coty enter the scent industry.  Perfume brands took birth across the world however a large number of them originated in France; Givenchy, Paco Rabanne, Yves Saint Laurent Parisienne are some of them worth mentioning.  Today, Grasse, the center of the French perfume industry, is known as the world’s perfume capital.

The invention of Modern Air Freshener

The modern air freshener was presented in 1948.  It was designed to work on the basis of a military technology for doling out insecticides while the product was adapted into a pressurized spray using a propellant.  It delivered a fine mist of pleasant-smelling compounds into the air,  that remained suspended for quite a long time.  Thus, the modern air freshener originated and this kind of dispenser became widely accepted to become the industry standard.

As of today, there are numerous kinds of air fresheners that are used in households, universities, businesses/corporate houses, churches, motor vehicles and at religious events and ceremonies.  

Scents have transformed over decades and now come in various forms.  Let’s analyze one of the popular kinds, paper air fresheners.

The importance and advantage of Paper Air Fresheners

Paper air fresheners are largely popular.  Made from eco-friendly or high- density paper, these air fresheners come in a range of shape and design to choose from.  What’s more! They are easy to cut and size as well. In recent times, businesses/brands are adopting paper air fresheners for promotion and advertising purposes.

There are several advantages of using promotional paper air fresheners.  Besides being green or eco-friendly, they offer you designs in plain and printed papers.  They are easy to use; just hang them wherever you want to create a nice-smelling space.  Paper air fresheners emit aromas efficiently and that’s what they are meant to do, aren’t they?

Of late, air freshener manufacturers are also providing custom options to cater to the varied tastes and preferences of the customers.  You can choose the perfume, size, design and shape of the air freshener to create one that represents you!

Well, when it comes to customization and paper air fresheners, stands out. Read through to learn why.

How My Air Freshener was born

Air Fresheners were all over the place but all of them were almost the same, except for the aroma; dull, artless and boring!  We, a bunch of art-loving people with unique personalities and mind-sets thought, ‘Why not create distinct air fresheners to cater to the preferences of different people?’  My Air Freshener was born to create a revolution in the air freshener industry.  We came up with tons of ideas to ultimately provide the best for our customers.

We are one-of-a-kind and want to offer unique fragrances and distinctly designed air fresheners to our customers that are funny, stylish, and interesting. We always think out of the box and consistently work to provide newer features, all created with the intention of providing better products and services.

Creating custom Air Fresheners with My Air Freshener Design center

We pride on ourselves for creating the first interactive website for creating custom air fresheners.  While we offer artistic and cool designs, we also try to involve and make customers part of the designing process.  Yes, we give them the opportunity to showcase their artistic skills and create their own air fresheners using our platform.

It took years, over a decade to be precise to reach where we are today but our efforts were worth it!  People have admired our innovative air fresheners that are particularly popular with businesses and commercial customers.  With us, you can create amazing paper air fresheners with company logos, photos, and specialized text.  What’s more! We use recycled paper since we intend to contribute in making this world greener.  But how do you create your kind?

Visit the Design Center on our website to create custom air fresheners.  You can either choose from our design tools or upload your photos or art to create unique air fresheners.  We bring life to your thoughts and imaginations.  Love the idea? Get going!!

Businesses always needed a new Promotional tool from traditional marketing

Gone are the days when you could make an impact with typical traditional marketing. People are no longer interested in sales talk, neither do they watch or read the same old kinds of advertisements.  Businesses for long wanted to break out of the standard to create new promotional tools.

If you want to reach out to your target effectively, you need to be smart! This is where custom air fresheners help.  Create a new air freshener for your brand and use the same for all your promotional activities.  Our air fresheners are a hit among the start-ups, universities, churches, and other businesses that often conduct events and gift their clients and customers.  Emerging small and medium sized businesses can use our platform to create an out of the ordinary aroma, exclusively to be recognized with their business, quite an interesting promotional tool indeed!

Air freshener you hang in your car says a lot about you

An air freshener you hang in your car can indeed speak a lot about you, your lifestyle, personality, taste and much more.  Believe it or not, your car air freshener represents your mind and persona.  So, to make travel a splendid experience for the other passengers and display your attitude in style, make sure to choose an extraordinary air freshener.  If the typical ones on the market don’t excite you, do not worry!  Make your own on our Design Center at and hang it in your vehicle with pride!

How to order custom car air fresheners?

You can either visit our website or use the Android app/ iPhone app to place a bulk order. Our website and phone apps are amazingly designed and easy to navigate.  Placing an order with us is a breeze!

Place your order today to lead the race; do it before your competitors and make your mark!!


To summarize, scents have always remained an inseparable part of the human race.  As years rolled, they became more affordable and popular, were traded and are now used as effective promotional tools by businesses, custom-made paper car air fresheners in particular.  At , which was born to cater to the ‘special’ and ‘creative’ people, you will be able to make the air freshener that enables you to stand out from the pack!


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