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Dec 29, 2022

Rebranding With Great Promotional Products Customers Love

Promotional products are the leading marketing strategy used by enterprises big and small. They’re a cost-effective means to reach out to more potential clients. The bottom line-promotional products grab people’s attention. This is why they’re a successful rebranding tool.

Importance of Rebranding

Rebranding is a process where a product or service developed by a company is marketed in a different identity or brand name. In rebranding, essential changes happen to the logo, brand name, image, and advertising. Rebranding often occurs when a company is acquired or merges with another company. To keep the new products aligned with the existing product line, rebranding is necessary. The entire process repositions the company or brand. It helps to distinguish the new company from previous brands.

How Does a Strong Brand differentiate itself from the Competition?

Differentiation is the most important contributor to a company’s success. How do successful brands achieve this feat?

Strong brands keep it personal.

Customers like being treated like people and not mass-marketed demographic numbers. Companies who have embraced advances in technology along with sophisticated and creative marketing strategies can offer customized experiences. A promotional product that offers personalized experiences, helps customers feel appreciated.

Strong brands offer brand experiences.

How customers experience your brand matters! Unfortunately, too many companies are focused on providing the perfect customer experience. This results in brands offering the same experience. In reality, customers veer towards brands that offer something ‘different’. In other words, they’re drawn to different brands because they don’t all want the same thing. Think about how you want your potential clients to experience your brand. A strong brand endeavors to create touchpoints along the customer acquisition path that are inspired by the brand’s positioning. This paves the way for companies to consider what they desire their interactions with customers to look like. Additionally, customers benefit from receiving individualized service, which makes the entire experience more meaningful.

Strong brands cultivate long-lasting relationships.

To build meaningful and enduring relationships with customers, companies need to bridge the gap between making a deal and building a relationship. Social media makes it easy for brands to connect and interact with customers outside the retail space. However, those external touch-points must be consistent with the company’s brand positioning. Customers can quickly identify insincere brand tactics. They will quickly develop resentments. Instead, approach customers in ways that make sense. For instance, if your company creates organic soaps and lotions, choose air fresheners as promotional items. Air fresheners are designed to emit pleasing scents that heighten the feeling of a space. Choose oil-infused scents that mimic your brand’s offerings.

What Makes a Unique Promotional Product?

Exceptional promotional products share the following traits:

Provide immediate brand recognition

Consumers should be able to immediately identify your company logo and the services or products you offer. Your promotional products will help customers recognize and remember your business. This is the most important reason for distributing promotional items. According to research and studies, 89% of customers recollect the advertiser of the promotional item they received in the last couple of years. Promotional gift items are kept in homes, offices, cars, etc. for a long period. Each time the consumer catches a glimpse of your gift item, he or she will recall your company or business. Most consumers hold on to such products for an average of six and a half months. If the customer requires a product or service that you offer, the chances of them rewarding your company with their business are very high.

Act like a company business card

Customers are accustomed to receiving and picking up business cards. However, how many of them remain with the customer for a long time? Not very long. While it’s true that business cards are useful in helping introduce your company and its services/products to the customer, the chances of them getting thrown out are very high. Business cards don’t serve a purpose, but promotional products do! Your promotional product functions as a practical gift and a business card, with desirable results.

When you distribute your company’s gift items, you’re introducing your brand to potential customers. A study conducted by MarketingSherpa found that 71.6% of people who received a promotional product were able to recall the name of the company associated with that product. Promotional items contain your company’s contact information, company logo, slogan, and images. The product aspect makes it a valuable and useful business card.

Promotional giveaways are great for running social media campaigns. For example, you can print hashtags on air fresheners to announce an upcoming sale.

Provide excellent exposure for your business

Marketing strategies like radio announcements, television advertisements, or adverts printed on a billboard pass through your senses within a few seconds. The moment they’re out of earshot or sight, they’re out of your mind. Promotional gift items hang around in the customer’s mind for a long time. For example, an air freshener can hang above your dashboard for many months, radiating a pleasant scent and adding freshness to your vehicle. It’s an excellent freebie to increase your brand exposure regularly.

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