Make Custom Car Air Fresheners with

  • Aug 04, 2020

Do you enjoy getting into your car and noticing a refreshing fragrance? Do clever and creative designs put a smile on your face? If so, then you will love custom car air fresheners.


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Custom Car Air Fresheners with NO MINIMUM QUANTITY – How Do I Get Started?

  • Jul 15, 2020

Car air fresheners have been a part of our society for a long time.  Dangling ever so gently from the re....

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Examples of Businesses That Would Benefit from Custom Air Fresheners

  • Jul 15, 2020

Custom Air Fresheners are the perfect marketing tool for companies.  Not only are they low in cost and lightweight, but they’re the perfect item for giveaways and direct mailings. Wit....

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How Can Car Dealerships Successfully Advertise with Custom Air Fresheners?

  • Jun 04, 2020

Put your brand in front of your customer

Have your logo, slogan, contact details, website, address, business hours, and/or services listed on your custom a....

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Express Your Style at

  • Jun 04, 2020

In this era of innovation, people enjoy being creative and want products that are distinctively designed. Customization can be seen in many brands that lure customers to their unique products th....

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  • Apr 28, 2020

Air fresheners are not new. Most have been around a long time now. However, times have changed and so have air fresheners.We all like change in our lives and My Air Freshener has addressed that ....

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Personalized Air Fresheners

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My Air Freshener, Inc. makes innovative fragranced products. We are a market leader in developing better ways to make an air freshener and better ways to service our customers. Our customers are smart, funny and have a lot of style, so we thought they should have better choices in selecting a car air freshener that represented who they are. So, we launched the first ever interactive website for customer-designed air fresheners.

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