Want a new Air Fresheners? Think outside the box – the Gas station or store

  • Jul 01, 2019

Are you looking for a new air freshener to make your car smell nice?  You’re not alone.  There are dozens of ordinary car air fresheners for sale in the usual places, but why set....

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Why buying wholesale car air fresheners can help small businesses in the long run

  • Jul 01, 2019

We understand that for small business owners it is of utmost importance to find the best ways of keeping overhead costs as low as possible.  A popular strategy for lowering long-term compan....

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The Original interactive website for Customized Air Fresheners

  • Jan 31, 2019

Air Fresheners have always created a plethora of ecstasy since the invention of the perfumes. Ancient Romans, the Persians, the Arabs and the Indus civilisation were the first civilizations intr....

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Cool car air fresheners for 2022

  • Jan 23, 2019

Here at My Air Freshener, we understand the importance of creating car air fresheners which look cool, while also smelling amazing. These values are at the core of every air freshener we design,....

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Scent for Your Safety Behind the Wheel

  • Mar 28, 2012

Ever get frustrated in 5:00 traffic? The mix of horns, radio chatter and sun setting in your eyes can be a sensory overload that all lead to a dangerous condition: road rage. But what if there w....

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Who makes air fresheners

  • Feb 20, 2012

Welcome to the My Air Freshener Blog.

Today, I’d like to talk about who makes a custom airfreshener, and why?
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Why MyAirFreshener.com?

My Air Freshener, Inc. makes innovative fragranced products. We are a market leader in developing better ways to make an air freshener and better ways to service our customers. Our customers are smart, funny and have a lot of style, so we thought they should have better choices in selecting a car air freshener that represented who they are. So, we launched the first ever interactive website for customer-designed air fresheners.

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